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Hey my name is Yousef, I am a professional certified audio engineer and have been in the field for 7 + years. I work with any and every genre so I can record, mix and master any kind of music. I have also done post audio and live sound as well. All of which I learned while I was in school. I can work on mainly anything audio related. I know how to engineer with both digital and analog gear. I know how to build bass traps and I have learned a lot about how to sound proof a studio. I currently work out of my home studio, so I’ve been working with digital gear as of late but I am willing to work with both. I also produce and compose music as well. I can make beats, all kinds of instrumentals. If you need background music for a video or something I can do that too. Music is my passion so I guess you can say I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my craft..

If you need an audio engineer for any project/event you have going on. I am the one for the job.  We can discuss prices once you tell me what kind of work you need/want done. If you have a song you need mixed and or mastered I will do the first song for free so by giving me a chance you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, well it was free anyway.  If it’s some other type of project we can discuss it once you give me details on what you need done.

The DAW I use is (PROTOOLS). Which is Industry standard.  I use it to track/record, mix and master.

 I use WAVES plugins to mix and master. Also has tons of other type of plugins as well.

I Have Antares AUTO-TUNE for pitch correction or if you want your music to sound a certain way.

I use FL STUDIO, LOGIC PRO, and ABLETON to make beats. I have plugins such ass SPECTRSONICS TRILLIAN, NEXUS, SYLENTH and a bunch of other plugins too.

Although I don’t work in a professional studio but rather at home, I can tell you I have worked in both. You do not need expensive equipment to make great quality music because it’s not the gear it’s the ear, rather someone who knows and has experience. Granted, I can still say the equipment I use it great however. 

I Reside in Escondido, California and I am willing to travel if need be. My workstation is mainly in my home Studio.

If you’re interested in my services, you can call me on my cell # which is 951-334-1984 or you can E-mail me at



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