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Are you tired of copying other people's solos instead of understanding how to create your own?

I've been where you are. I know where you're coming from. See if this sounds familiar...

You have your favorite guitar heroes; we all do. And when you listen to or watch them play their signature solos, you sink in desperation, wishing you had a tenth of their talent and skill.

How frustrating is it to watch from the sidelines and feel that the best you could possibly do is the same thing everyone else usually does: Find and download the tabs to these solos, try to memorize them note-for-note, and attempt to merely copy them (at best)?

Or (at worst) put down the guitar forever because you're convinced that you'll never be at that level on the guitar?

After a few tries at this type of going in guitar circles, it's no wonder you're fed up.

But what if you could change all that?

What if, instead of being the outsider-looking-in, you could be the guitar hero everyone else looks up to—and wants to copy?

No more confusion as to what notes to play in order to create—from scratch—your very own signature solos, just like the pros you and others look up to. No more wondering if you're skilled, talented, or worthy enough to be in the same league as your favorite guitar heroes.

If this sounds like you, I totally can relate. It's taken me years of learning, adapting, and refining to show you what you'll learn in a few short modules. So if you're interested in joining me, read on to see what this life-changing course is all about.

You know who you are…

The Creative Guitarist is an online, mobile-friendly, guitar masterclass that will teach you how to think like your favorite guitar heroes when writing your own creative guitar solos. You'll learn new and innovative ways of navigating your way around the fretboard and begin composing your very own solos. But not just any guitar solos. The solos you'll learn to create in this masterclass will leave you—and your audiences—inspired, emotionally satisfied, and happy that you've written each and every one of them.

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Take a look at what's included:

  • Stream online on your computer or mobile device
  • Hours of high-quality, behind-the-scenes video instruction
  • Fully transcribed tablature solos in PDF and Guitar Pro files
  • Audio mp3 files of all tabs for better comprehension and learning
  • Watch as I break down and write solos from scratch
  • Full coursebook curriculum ebook of over 30,000 words
  • Free Resource Guide to complement the course
  • Access to hundreds of free backing tracks to practice your soloing
  • Exclusive growing online community
  • All this and lots of bonuses!

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By the end of this course, you will...

  • Learn how to go from being inspired to inspiring others with your own creative, emotional, expressive, and melodic lead guitar solos.
  • Know how to think more creatively than ever before when writing new guitar solos.
  • Understand how your favorite guitar heroes think when they play their signature solos.
  • Be able to interact with other students in the private Online Community dedicated to giving you the support, accountability, and inspiration you need on your own journey to becoming a creative guitarist.
  • Know how to use improvisation in combination with composition to level-up your creative guitar soloing skills.
  • Have a wealth of resources and course materials at your disposal for maximum learning and inspirational potential—and a lifetime of writing your very own signature guitar solos.
  • All this and much more!

​So if you're chomping at the bit to get a closer look, act now because this special $50-off offer won't last forever! Click here to apply the discount and get started on your journey to becoming a Creative Guitarist!

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