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5 Important Qualities of A Wedding DJ You Must Know |


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Contact:Jono Catliff
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Description Vancouver Wedding DJ has become very popular in recent years and it's not just for music lovers anymore! The last thing we need is those who don't know how to properly DJ their own wedding.

There are many factors that go into making a good Wedding DJ but I will give you my top five qualities as they pertain to your job.

1) The most important factor is being able to keep up with the music. If you can't do this then you should not be doing this job. It is also important that if there are any technical difficulties at all during the performance, that you immediately inform the bride and groom so they may take over or even better have someone else step in.

2) Being able to maintain a professional demeanor while working on the dance floor is equally as important. This means that you must never use foul language (unless necessary), you must always act professionally and courteously towards everyone involved in the show, and above all else, you must remain calm under pressure. If anyone gets upset at any time during your set, it will only result in bad publicity for both yourself and the Wedding DJ company.

3) Being able to follow instructions. The bride and groom will most definitely give you a list of songs they want to be played at their event. As a professional, you must follow this list to the letter. If they don't provide a list, you should ask them if there are any songs they would like you to play during the show. Again, you must follow these instructions. Bringing in your own music is unacceptable unless they give you specific permission to do so.

4) You must be able to work with a partner. Being able to follow the other Wedding DJ instructions during the show is equally as important. While you may not think some of the songs requested by your partner would fit into the show, you must follow along and learn to work with the team. If there are any major problems between you and your partner, these should be brought up immediately to your boss so he may resolve the issue.

5) You must follow all safety guidelines given by the venue. No drinks near the equipment. No eating anywhere near the equipment. No cell phones etc... While you may feel uncomfortable with such rules, they are in place for your own protection. The last thing anyone needs is to have a drink spilled on expensive equipment or have a piece of said equipment fall onto someone's foot.

The last thing you want to happen is to damage any person or property at the show. Follow the rules!

The above was provided by a professional within the Wedding DJ industry. The content is accurate to the best of my knowledge but may fluctuate depending upon changes made by those responsible for this particular industry.

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