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We help you achieve greater results, remove frustration, and improve your listening and recording environments for music with our Sound Panels 

Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels even out sound frequencies within rooms to ensure you are hearing what is really there. Parallel Walls create dips, peaks, cancellations, and amplifications throughout the entire frequency range of the audio your hearing. Why does this happen?

Parallel walls cause the sound to bounce into itself. The sound can bounce into itself many times over. The problem with that is those sound waves tend to either amplify or destroy the sound. Sound Panels or Bass Traps absorb the sound to even out those sound waves and stop them from destroying or amplifying each other. But it’s hard to picture because you can’t see sound. Picture the speed of sound by thinning of something that is flying faster then a Jet Plane. 

Sound travels at over 700 mph within your room so imagine how many times it crosses itself bounces into itself, cancels and amplifies itself. If you could see how much sound is in your room it would look like a chaotic mess! Bass Traps, Acoustic Panels, Sound Panels absorb the sound, and in a way organize it so that the chaotic mess is now an organized and calmer environment. A big mistake is to underestimate the importance of Acoustics or Sound Absorption that Sound Panels and other Acoustic Panels provide. 

Often the importance of Acoustics is underestimated because you can’t see it. The difference between a room with Proper Sound Treatment and a room without sound treatment is astounding and obvious to any person. We have a client that setup his studio with our Sound Panels and he told us “tell anyone to come into my room and just step out from where the cloud of bass traps is and anyone can tell that this stuff works” And you can rely on us and trust or products because we rely on scientific fact not assumptions. 

Our Products use materials that are scientifically proven to absorb sound at the highest efficiency. Our Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps use dense Roxul Insulation and are designed specifically to absorb sound in the most effective and efficient way possible. While we use proven materials that absorb sound, materials aren’t everything. The effectiveness of the sound absorption core of Roxul is in the design. 

Our frame design takes into account the principal of. “Don’t block the sound Stupid!” We have developed our own patent pending technology called “Ultacoustic”. Ultacoustic technology maximizes this principal. Our Sound Panels have two integrated frames that hold the panel together in a self reinforcing design that allows 6 surfaces of sound absorption. That’s a lot of surface area exposed to sound. But we went even further then that. 

After frame design it’s the fabric that matters. Our Sound absorbing Polyester Fabric absorbs high frequency sound and covers the entirety of our panels. So every square inch of our panels absorbs high end frequency sound. Whatever the fabric doesn’t capture the Roxul insulation inside our panels does. 

Find out more about our Sound Panels, give us a call, get studio advice and advice on exactly how many you’ll need while keeping in check with your budget. We’ll never sell you more then you need or really want to spend. We’re just want to help everybody! Make the world a more productive place and help you make, listen, record, and produce the best music that you can by fixing your room Acoustics. 

We have many different thicknesses of panels from our starting price of 1” thick for $45.00, our 2” for $60.00, 4” for $75.00, 6” for $110.00, and 8” thick for $145.00 plus we can customize your panels in many different custom sizes as well. 

We manufacture out of Los Angeles but do consultations, deliver, and Install Acoustic Treatment in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. Please visit our web pages for more info about us and contact us with any questions.

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