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Audibility of Loudness is how sound is perceived at different sound levels. At very loud levels small changes in the (db) decibal levels of sound can be detected much easier while at low levels of loudness the changes in db have to be much greater in order to be audible. Changes in loudness of Higher frequencies are also easier to hear vs. changes of loudness of low frequency sound at low volumes. How does this relate to sound absorption and the use of Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps?

Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps even out sound frequencies in a way that  allows you to hear the difference of loudness of frequencies accurately when playing back sound. Certain sound frequencies may be cancelled or amplified due to the way those sound frequencies interact and hit each other after bouncing off of walls. Particularly parallel walls. Absorb the sound and help prevent cancelations and amplifications of sound with sound absorbing Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps. 

Sound behaves horribly in rooms with parallel walls. You need to tame the sound and calm the chaos that happens naturally with Acoustic Panels. Increase the clarity of sound and really hear the differences of loudness of sound frequencies accurately with sound absorption. There is no question as to the difference between a treated and untreated room. But how do you know which panels are used for what purpose? 

Acoustic panels that use thin materials for sound absorption such as 1” thick Owens Corning 703 absorb high frequencies. As you go towards an Panel using 2” Roxul insulation material you capture Mid and High frequencies. Then as you get into 4” thick Roxul Mineral wool insulation you absorb High, Low, and Mid frequencies. After that even thicker sound absorption material such as 6” of Roxul material and 8” of Roxul Mineral wool material will reach even lower sub low frequencies. 

In our Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps we incorporate all of these materials and advise you on the acoustical benefit of each material and their best purposes. Office spaces are most benefited by 1” and 2” panels since the vocal or speaking range is within the high and mid frequency bands. Recording and mixing spaces benefit the most by a combination of 4” and 2” panels because of the need to absorb and even out High, Mid, and Low frequency sound. If your mixing with a subwoofer 8” Bass Traps are best in order to even out sub low frequency sound. 

Visit our Website, Facebook, and Instagram, and contact us for more info on how to order and treat your space with our Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps. 

We have many different thicknesses of panels from our starting price of 1” thick for $45.00, our 2” for $60.00, 4” for $75.00, 6” for $110.00, and 8” thick for $145.00 plus we can customize your panels in many different custom sizes as well.

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