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New Gemeinhardt 3OB/GLP With Offset G key open Hole Flute * Silver-platedhead Product Description Durably constructed of the finest materials, Gemeinhardt flutes feature integrally drawn and rolled tone holes, power-coined keys,


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New Gemeinhardt 3OB/GLP With Offset G key open Hole Flute
* Silver-platedhead 

Product Description

Durably constructed of the finest materials, 

Gemeinhardt flutes feature integrally drawn

and rolled tone holes, power-coined keys, 

and their exclusive four post footjoint construction

which make these flutes exceptionally strong. 

Other features include Gemeinhardts unique embouchure hole design, 

proportioned tone holes and pad cups

to ensure even response and extraordinary tone

throughout all registers. In addition, a gizmo key

(high C facilitator) 

is standard on every B foot model flute. 

Gemeinhardt flutes also feature superior key mechanisms

for fast action and outstanding playability.

Flutist, Teacher, Artist
First Prize Winner in the Laurence Beauregard Competition and winner 
of the 2009 YouTube Symphony Competition, Dr. Nina Perlove is one of 

the most listened to classical flutists of her generation with over 
7 million views to her online video performances and tutorials worldwide.

Perloves mesmerizing performances, inspiring teaching, and remarkable
ability to distribute her art in a meaningful way over the internet 

are transforming classical music and reinvigorating audiences on every continent. 
Reviewers have called her a worldwide phenomenon, and she has been featured on 
the Oprah Winfrey Show, and in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post 
and other major media.

Her groundbreaking website has earned a loyal following and 
combines her dynamic video performances and teaching with musical commentary and research. 
Nina recommends Gemeinhardt flutes
to students of every level. 
As a Clinician for Gemeinhardt
we partner to support her endeavors
to educate and support

This item is in stock now 
and ready to be shipped immediately
after you place your order.
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* Silver-plated body, foot and keys

* Model J standard wall headjoint * French style open holes

The Gemeinhardt story begins with Kurt Gemeinhardt,
a fourth generation flute maker. 

He was born in Markneukirchen, Germany, 
a region with two centuries of instrument making tradition,
and served an apprenticeship under his father.

Upon completion of his apprenticeship, 
Kurt left Germany to work his trade in St. Gallen, Switzerland,

where he crafted handmade flutes for the world's most prestigious musicians. 

While in Switzerland his fame as the foremost creator 
of quality hand-crafted musical instruments spread worldwide.

In 1928, Kurt Gemeinhardt was persuaded to travel to America
to create instruments in Elkhart, Indiana. 

After twenty years of developing flutes for others,
Kurt opened his own manufacturing plant, 

The Gemeinhardt Company, 
where every instrument since has been engraved 
with the Gemeinhardt name. 

Initially, Kurt's vision was to produce a limited quantity
of professional all-silver flutes, 
but demand for his unique flutes 
increased beyond his expectations. 

The original 20- by 40-foot Gemeinhardt factory
was replaced in 1951 with a new plant,
designed by Kurt himself, to meet new manufacturing needs. 

By this time the Gemeinhardt line expanded to include mid-priced flutes, 
soon followed by the introduction of entry-level flutes. 

Gemeinhardt's newest expansion occurred in September 1997 
with the acquisition of Roy Seaman Piccolo Company.

Roy Seaman manufactures handcrafted, grenadilla wood piccolos. 
This legendary name is known worldwide for professional quality instruments.

Through growth and product demand, 
Gemeinhardt emerged as the music industry's largest 
exclusive manufacturer of flutes and piccolos.

Today, Gemeinhardt Co., Inc. manufactures flutes and piccolos 
for all levels of musicians, 
ranging from student to professional. 

With the advancement of technology, 
sophisticated machinery enables a level of precision
and consistency that was once uncontrollable.

But, it is the human touch that properly fits and regulates each flute
to reach optimum sound quality and

Here at Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments we globally manufacture our instruments, utilizing the talent, expertise, and efficiencies of our factories in the U.S., Taiwan, and China. For example, many of the key components are produced in all three countries, the C flute head joints, and all of our piccolos are made in the U.S., The flute final assembly is done in Taiwan and China to meticulous standards. We also do a final quality check in the U.S.

Today, the Gemeinhardt Company provides a wide range of instruments for the student to the professional. As the Gemeinhardt family did for four generations, the artisans at Gemeinhardt and our worldwide partners share their expertise, passing on the time honored art of musical instrument making from generation to generation, taking great pride in placing the Gemeinhardt name on every instrument.


Hours 10AM - 5PM


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508 932 3211 cell
413 528 8880 store

Or just go to one of my websites --for instruments
Or --for minerals 

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