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(4) EV ELX 118P sub speakers


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Ad number:#633138006
City:Jensen Beach, FL
Price:650 each


Four (4) powered 18” subs used but in good condition. No haggle priced to sell at $650 each Includes padded cloth covers. Absolutely no scammers that offer to pay by any other way than cash and carry. As is no warranty. Call and leave a message.

Perfect Calibration Across the Spectrum

The Electro-Voice ELX118P Live X powered subwoofer brings you an awesome live low-end solution. It was specifically engineered to work in perfect combination with the Electro-Voice ELX112P and ELX115P powered speakers, to ensure a live sound that is perfectly calibrated across the entire frequency spectrum. Weighing in at just under 70 pounds, this 18" sub utilizes a manageable and easily portable design.

Don't Let the Size Fool You

The ELX118P powered subwoofer delivers 700 watts of power from a cabinet measuring 26 x 20 x 23 inches. It achieves this size-to-power ratio with its use of an excellent Electro-Voice Class D amplifier, which cuts down on the weight of the circuitry and also runs cooler without the need for added fans.

Massive Bass Boom for Any Room

The ELX118P's 9-ply 15 mm wood cabinet is internally braced to be highly durable while faithfully representing your low-end frequencies. Its sound never becomes "boxy," even when you push the volume to the limit. The killer Class D amplifier inside the Electro Voice ELX118P pushes the mighty EVS-18K 18-inch woofer. It delivers the most accurate bass reproduction in the ELX line, and is a joy to work with when you're crafting a precise live sound. An impressive maximum SPL rating of 126 dB makes it one of the more efficient amps for its size and weight as well.

The controls on the ELX118P are totally straightforward. It has a single XLR/TRS balanced stereo input, as well as an XLR balanced stereo output. It has its own Volume Level knob on the back panel. It can be run in Normal or Bass Boost modes. A handy Polarity Switch knob is also provided here.

Great with Any Full-Range Powered Speakers

Overall, the ELX118P was voiced and designed to be the perfect complement to the Electro-Voice ELX112P and ELX115P powered speakers. But if you want to integrate its tone with a pre-existing speaker rig, it'll serve well in any situation where you need a 700-watt subwoofer to hold down the low end. It's got integrated handles to make lugging it around much easier, and a built-in pole-mounting cup for sub-satellite applications.

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