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Contact:Nathalie Loiselle
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Are you interested in a lifestyle that allows you to dedicate more quality time to your family and reduce your workload without compromising your effectiveness?

If you're ready to embark in a entrepreneurial venture this may be the occasion you've been looking for. We're recognized for our outstanding award winning educational products and are seeking driven professionals to join our team of leaders, so only need to apply are self driven, high achievers


Who We Are:

We are positioned in a 65 billion dollar a year industry based in the Personal Development & Wealth Creation field. We market a range of online courses as well as live & virtual motivational events.

We have created a positive impact on thousands of lives across the globe (151 countries) with our award winning courses. We offer entrepreneurial minded individuals an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally with all training necessary as well as your own personal coach. If you are looking to increase your earning potential, whether it be part-time or full time, a fresh change in career, personal growth, something that rewards your individual efforts, this could be the right opportunity for you


What Success Looks Like:


  • Excellent Income Potential -Uncapped earning, but it will be up to you by being self disciplined, be organized and have good ‘time management skills’.

  • Solid training -We have been training people to do well for over 12 years. You will also have a professional coach who will assist you with your networking & communication skills.

  • People who have done well with us in the past have had experience in all kinds of fields (some none at all!) - retail,administrative assistant, receptionist, office work, server, landscaping and in just about any field you can imagine. We welcome all applicants who have a positive attitude and enjoy working with people.

  • Flexible scheduling - A schedule that works best for You! Some colleagues work as much as possible, some work part time, while others choose to earn extra income around other commitments such as other jobs, or family obligations. We will ask of you that you have a minimum of 20 hrs per week to devote to this new venture. Work from home or be 100% portable. Yes,This is a Remote Role meaning, you can work from where you want. No more commutes to and from the office and and have the opportunity to grow your career from anywhere!

  • Extensive mentoring and internal training will be available to the successful applicant.


How to Show up

  • You are gritty – You roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to make things successful

  • You are a team leader – You can build and motivate teams and develop future leaders of the company.

  • Enjoying working and communicating with people

  • Finishes Strong - Sees projects all the way through completion

  • Seeking financial success on their terms

  • Positive with strong work ethics and integrity

  • Self motivation, resilience, time management and organizational skills as well as the ability to work autonomously

  • Loves to learn and is a fast learner, open to feedback and proactively seeks it.

  • Work on the Hard Stuff: Does not shy away from tough challenges, gets the job done


The impact you will have:

  • Liaising with customers via phone, email and zoom virtual calls, explaining our Personal Development Award Winning products, and placing orders. Previous experience is not needed. We provide all the training needed for your success.

  • Prioritize opportunities and applying appropriate resources

  • You will place ads, conduct a brief scripted interview by phone and follow up.

  • All you will require is a laptop, phone and the internet.

  • You have the potential to earn an executive level income with flexible hours and from your home or elsewhere.

  • You will have the possibility to impact jn a positive way, not only your life but to the ones around you.


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