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Contact:Barb Newman
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GetintheLoop is a digital franchise that fits in the palm of your hand. We’re a digital shop-local community that lets consumers explore businesses, discover offers, redeem rewards, and support local all from their phone! Our platform and network are easy-to-use, letting businesses cover all angles of their digital marketing. 

What’s a GetintheLoop Local Owner?

‘Local Owners’ is what we call our franchisees. GetintheLoop Local Owners inherit the digital community that corresponds with a geographical city, and as businesses join the platform, they pay Local Owners a fixed monthly subscription to create, post, and measure real-time offers and promotions on the platform. Our Local Owners find success with GetintheLoop because they adopt a franchise that fits their lifestyle and earns recurring revenue. There's no limit to the number of businesses that can be onboarded, meaning Local Owners are in full control of their financial freedom!

Is it for you?

GetintheLoop is one of the fastest-growing digital franchises in North America for a reason—we’re not like other franchises. We offer all of the benefits of a traditional franchise without the huge startup cost or being tied to one location. Plus, all you need to get started is a phone, tablet, or laptop, and the ability to visit businesses in your community! An audience of 3 million and over 6,500 business Partners are proof that our business model works.

Affordable Start-Up Cost

Initial fees are affordable, and there’s often low overhead cost. You have the potential to earn your initial investment back in months, not years.

No Glass Ceiling

Our platform is built for growth; there’s no limit on how many businesses you can onboard! The business works even when you don’t, earning you revenue around the clock.

Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere

Businesses can’t afford to skip out on marketing, and digital trends change every day. GetintheLoop stays ahead by updating our tech and strategies based on real-time feedback from Partners, Members, and Local Franchise Owners.

Local at Our Core

Starting as a simple SMS system to fill unsold nearby golf times, supporting local is at our core and a niche that we successfully own, no matter how much we’ve grown.

Join our network of Local Owners that are growing their communities and own your success! Visit for more info and to download your free franchise kit. Direct questions to

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