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It deals with all aspects of ERP software efficiently. 

What features must be there in hotel property management software?


A hotel property management software is a system that eases the management of hotel operations by automating the tasks. It helps to speed up the operations, reduces time, increases efficiency, guest satisfaction and reduces administration work as well as manages the hotel distribution.

Here are few of the features that you must look in a hotel property management software for your business:

Reservation module

A good hotel property management software must have a reservation module to help the clients book rooms for them online. In today’s scenario online bookings are the main sales source. Reservation module must have the features of room booking, e-payments, management of room itineraries, reservation confirmation emails,etc.

Front office operations management

The hotel property management software must have provisions for easy check-in and check out facilities for the hotel staff members. This module must allow the front desk manager or receptionist to manage room reservation status, check in and check-out and payments, etc.

Group booking

Travelling in groups with friends has become a trend now. So the property management software must have the feature of booking rooms for groups. By giving attractive discounts you can attract more customers through this.

Channel management

While you are investing in a hotel property management software, you must take care that it should have channel management features. It is an interface that allows that channel manager to coordinate and distribute inventories to various channels like online travel agencies, flight booking companies, direct booking platforms, etc. With this feature, the information regarding availability of rooms, itineraries, prices and categories of rooms, etc will be on that platform and the visitor can book rooms for himself from here.

Housekeeping module

When you are hunting for a hotel property management software for your business, you must look for this feature. Gone are the days duties were delegated to staff using pen and papers. Now to reduce time and increase work efficiency tasks are delegated to the staff online.

These were the few basic features you must look for before purchasing any hotel property management software.

All these features are available in MyTrueHotel software.

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