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One must keep, clean, & maintain our flags, as it implies proper flag etiquette and conducts respect for the flag to all or anyone who sees it. Some flag care programs help you extend the lifetime of your flag and, when needed, retire it with respect. Some elements that combine and can tatter your flag are sun, rain and snow, smog and pollution, and time itself. A flag that is flown repeatedly might need to be replaced two to three times a year. So it becomes essential to keep your flag neat, clean, and in good condition. Many people aren't aware of how to properly do flag maintenance, but we must learn it or get it done from a proper resource as it is a way to respect the flag.

Through some flag care programs, you can help you extend the life of your flag and, when needed, retire it with respect. Repairing the tattered portion requires trimming and sewing a new hem resembling the original hem with nylon or polyester thread. It is important to keep repeating the repair sequence until unless the flag is nearly square. There comes a time when we can't repair a anymore. Maybe it's due to a single unfavorable event, or maybe it's just because it flew smoothly for many days. So when it's time to retire a flag, it needs to be done respectfully.

Ameritex offers an affordable and convenient flag repair service to help you maintain the natural condition of your flag. With their talented and experienced sewing staff, flag repairs are a simple needle and thread away. No matter what kind of flag or banner you have, Ameritex will do its best to make it whole again. Their team is quite efficient in checking, changing, and restoring any flag regularly. Just tell them the frequency and requirements that you want, and they will provide a first-class service. Their hassle-free service is a wonderful way to improve the life of your flag. Do sign them up for one of their popular scheduled plans, and they will tell when your flag needs attention and take care of all the details. If you want to have a nice flag - Ameritex is ever ready to take care of your flag. Call them to get your flag or drop it off or whenever it needs care - or drop it in the mail.

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Ameritex Flag & Flagpole Inc.

31148 Oakview Rd, Bulverde, TX 78163

(210) 310-3524 or (877) 598-3524


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