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Windows and MAC computer Repairs $45.00


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City:Orange Park


$45.00 ONLY Complete Computer Repair/Virus Removal

Complete Computer Repair Expert including Virus-Trojan Removal  904-276-4762( $45.00 ONLY ) FLAT FEE, NOT BY HOUR

Turn around time is usually same day or no longer than following day WEBSITE: HTTP:/

Why pay MORE than $45.00 to have your computer cleaned or fixed? 
Anyone operating from their Homes should NOT charge more than $45.00 to fix your system. 
Look at the history of the repair person.  Do they have a reliable website ,
are they registered with the state? How long in business.  All this info on me is available for the past 16 years.

check my WEBCAM,

I have been cleaning several a week.  ONLY $45.00 

 Have you been called by the FAKE Windows support out of India or Pakistan and allowed
them to take over your computer and when you refuse to pay the large amount they ask, 
they infect it or put that Syskey lock on so you cannot get in?  
Well bring it to me and I can remove the lock

 Be careful of those that say FREE Estimates then suck you in on a high repair price. 
  I Offer TRUE free Estimates and ONLY $45.00 to fix it if needed.

Also.... Virus most of the time CANNOT be cleaned via REMOTE.  So be careful paying someone
to clean your computer remotely. If virus in memory it WILL come back...
My services include the following for one single price of $45.00 No additional fees will ever be charged

Any repairs that you might require, I am certified to do them.
Replace Hard Drives and Reinstall Systems
I am an expert in removing Trojan and Virues
Recover your data and place on a CD/DVD
Replace LCD screens on notebook/laptop computers
Remove any and all Trojan and Virues
Cleaning your Windows system to make it run faster
Install a free virus scanner and a free malware removing program
Password recovery.  Administrator or user logon password. Cannot get into your windows
cause you forgot your password?
Complete reinstall of your operating system with your legal copy and all drivers and updates
Remove Most all DELL BIOS and Hard drive Passwords
Again all the above for ONLY $45.00.. Nothing more

 Have a slow MAC? Let me look at it for you

Have a Dell Laptop with a BIOS or Hard Drive Password and cannot get past that?
 I can remove most of these passwords for you. They normally are embedded in an Eprom and
 removing the battery does not help. I can remove those

ComputerBill is one of the longest running Computer Repair in Orange Park

Let ComputerBill clean your computer

Complete free Diagnostics.  Don't be sucked in by someone advertising free Diagnostics' 
and don't tell you what they charge if they find anything.
My rates are ALWAYS only $45.00 to FIX it

See me at work, read my history and see my family here:
Hello everyone. COMPUTERBILL is offering the following services for you.

$45.00 is all I charge and nothing more for full computer repairs.
Which includes removing any Virus, Cleaning, replacing LED Screns, Hard drives
and most any repairs.  Please note that replacing a Laptop motherboard may be extra charges due
time involved in taking laptop apart and putting back together.
If I cannot repair your system, then there will be no charges at all unless you ask
me to recover your data.

For this price, you must bring to me in Orange Park.
Due to extreme amount of computers coming in each day and I
am a one man operation, I have stop all house calls except my established

I 100% guarantee all my work, and I have been working with computers over 37 years with over 30 
in repairing them. If you are not 100% happy with my repairs, I will do it free for you. With around 15-20
new customers a month and 70 to 99 computers fixed each month, I must be doing something that others 
are not doing. Check me out.. You will be very happy.

COMPUTERBILL's COMPUTER REPAIR..A name you can trust...  Check me out at:

CONTACT: Call ComputerBill.. 904-276-4762, or 904-352-7745. . or Cell 904-505-3267 or visit my Website:

I am a retired Marine and work Sat and Sundays also, call anytime. My hours are 08:30 to 9:30 pm Daily

Licensed in the State of Florida (ComputerBill Computer Repair) Being licensed
does not give a person license to operate a computer repair business , but is required
to open a checking account under  a business name.  Additionally, it assures customers
that this Registered person is not a Fly by night company and has and will be around
for you.....Check me out ..  

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