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From commercial businesses to residential homes. From hospitals to churches, from locks to doors, we do it all! Here at DC Local Locksmith Washington, D.C, 20007 we replace doors and repair them! Perhaps you simply just want a deadbolt installed into your fully functioning door just for the additional security. We can take care of that for you. Our technicians are nothing less than experts with a minimum experience of 5 years. 



At DC Local Locksmith we are trusted by many. Being that our company is bonded and insured, customers do not second guess our authenticity. Professional and quality service is what we pride ourselves on. With such a strong family-like foundation, it makes it easier for our customers to put their trust in us to get any job that comes our way, done the right way. 


Here is where I will explain a few of our door services: 


Commercial Doors - We understand that door hardware wears out. Hinges fall apart. Door frames break. Wooden doors crack and metal doors rust. At DC Local Locksmith our experts have seen it all. We repair and replace storefront doors, fire proof doors, steel doors, garage doors, automatic doors. Call us today to get started! 



Residential Doors - We service almost any kind of standard residential door. Closet doors, pantry doors, patio doors, front doors, french doors, bathroom doors, to bedroom doors. Everything listed can be repaired or replaced with the help of our expert technicians here at DC Local Locksmith. But not only that. Our experts work down to the finest detail. We work with frames, hinges, stiles, weatherstrips, sliding door rollers, screen doors (storm door) and much more. Visit our website to learn more! 



Just moved into a new home? Maybe the choice of doors on your new home just isn't..your style. At DC Local Locksmith we service custom doors. We can add the proper weather stripping, door color, size, and provide top quality levers/knobs onto your brand new door. 




It's no secret that DC Local Locksmith in Washington, D.C 20007 have been around for serveral years servicing the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area making our customers nothing less than happy. We pride ourselves in our top quality work. Our organized and responsive dispatch makes it very easy to have someone over to your location  and ready to work. Try it out! Contact us here at: 202-830-0706  


You can email us today at for a free quote on a door replacement. DC Local Locksmith offering 24/7 emergency services! 


Visit our website for more awesome facts and information at

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