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The PeopleReady located at Schenectady, New York, 12307 is currently hiring a Secret shopper

Job Description

You will be a secret shopper going to various gas stations, markets, convenient stores attempting to purchase 18+ items to see if you are asked for ID to verify age. This job happens the beginning of every month

Pay rate $16hr per order $30 per mile 50cents

Shift Timing - 1st Shift (Day), 2nd Shift (Evening), 3rd Shift and Weekends


  • The purpose of this is to monitor the store employees, seeing if they ask for the customer's ID prior to quoting a price.
  • If the ID is requested, the employee receives a Green Card. If not, a Red Card is given.
  • If a store has an age-verification device, we monitor if the store employees use the device.
  • We partake in regular visits to ensure proper use of the Point-of-Sale (POS) system and age-verification devices.
  • After the visit, an email report is sent to the store's management.
  • Visit results are archived in our password-protected reporting website.
  • View sample reports.
  • This job is a secret shopper must be able to have own transportation


  • Candidates must be 21-25 years of age to be able to complete this job.
  • Candidates must have a vehicle in order to complete routes assigned.
  • Will be going store to store trying to purchase alcohol and tobacco products with out being id for underage.
  • must finish Bars onboarding video



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