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Security Guard Regular Part-Time NEW YORK, NY, US


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Security Guard Regular Part-Time NEW YORK, NY, US

Why you should join our team   

We offer an exciting opportunity for professionals looking to impact young lives by teaching their areas of expertise. We offer a competitive hourly rate, ongoing professional development and a vibrant work environment at one of the leading child and family organizations in New York City. Here are some of our accolades:   

· Harvard Business School New York City Community Partner Award Winner for excellent leadership and management (2019)  

· Kym Watson, Chief Operating Officer, inducted into the New York State Women in Human Services Hall of Fame (2019)  

· Ranked among top New York City child welfare agencies by the NYC Administration for Children’s Services for helping children find permanent homes (2016-2018)  

· Jess Dannhauser, CEO, selected as 2015 “40 under 40” Rising Star in the New York nonprofit community by New York Nonprofit Media (Nov 2015)  


About the Program  

Beacon programs are school-based community centers serving children age six and older, and adults. There are currently 91 Beacons located throughout the five boroughs of New York City operating in the afternoons and evenings, on weekends, and during school holidays and vacation periods, including the summer. Beacons goal is to give each participant, regardless of age, a positive and fun learning experience in a safe, friendly environment.  


Beacon security guards maintain the security and safety of participants and staff by practicing and upholding the Graham Community Programs- Code of Conduct


Duties & Responsibilities   

· Provide a safe and secure environment for participants, staff and guests on school grounds.  

· Report within minutes any participants suspected of narcotics, tobacco, or alcoholic infractions, vandalism, smoking or any other immediate threat to participant and staff safety. 

· Secure the facility’s main entrance by greeting visitors, checking identification and maintaining a visitor’s log. 

· De-escalate participants’ behavior on school campus- in hallways, cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium and other open areas. 

· Provide support with unauthorized persons for questioning, checking for identification cards as needed. 

· Establish and maintain good rapport with participants, staff and community members by providing superior customer service 

· Assist with controlling afterschool, evening and weekend program activity disturbances or acts of defiance.  

· Request assistance from Director, Site Administrator and Outreach Coordinator for Level 2 and Level 3 incidents; Immediate response with staff and supervisor is paramount 

· Patrol school grounds- in and out to ensure all participants are in respective locations 

· Log all observations and occurrences every hour throughout scheduled shift 

· Ensure doors/gates are locked and opened at designated times determined by site supervisors 

· Inspect all facility areas used by the program near the end of shift to ensure all participants are off school grounds, equipment turned off, etc.  

· Report/ Document any lost/stolen items. 

· Attend mandatory staff meetings and professional development trainings, including Grahams Emergency Response & Active Shooter Awareness training 

  Please click on link below to apply:


· High school diploma or GED required; 8/16 hour certificate preferred. 

· Must have experience providing security/ safety in a youth/family environment.  

· Demonstrated aptitude for successful completion of the task assigned. 

· Demonstrated knowledge of security procedures. 

· Private security or public police experience preferred including knowledge of school and local laws (including search and seizure). 

· Track record of good customer service and organization skills.  

· Must be punctual, dependable, enthusiastic, and energetic, have a sense of humor and possess respect and fairness. 

· Must be outgoing, able to accept directions, work independently and with a team. 


Core Competencies: Excellent Problem Solving & Responsible Decision Making skills; Positive Attitude & Professional Demeanor and Appearance. Must possess clear, high quality communication skills that reflect active listening. Ability to empathize with participants and plan appropriate interventions that will assist in the development and implementation of action plans to provide a safe and secure environment. 

Bilingual/Spanish preferred.

Position Type

Part Time   

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