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Case Aide Recruitment Dev & Support Full-Time Bronx, NY


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Case Aide Recruitment Dev & Support  Full-Time Bronx, NY

About the Position:
Graham Windham's Recruitment, Development and Support program seeks a Case Aide to assist with the administrative operations of the agency’s Foster Parent Recruitment, Development and Support to assure the efficient management of the Fingerprinting process.

Duties and Responsibilities (include but not limited to):
• Ordering office supplies and equipment.
• Distribute faxes to workers, place in the correct mail box
• Accepts and distributes all incoming deliveries related to FPPS staff.
• Catalogs closed case records and sends them to storage; upon request, arranges for their retrieval from storage.
• Maintains and updates the catalog of case records housed in the cold storage facility.
• Maintains the file room by returning loose files to their proper locations, removes confidential and sensitive information from open space
• Participates in relevant training and seminars, maintains and applies a current knowledge of necessary clerical and computer skills.
• Routine maintenance of office equipment: copy machine, shredder, fax, printer, etc. assuring that ink/toner cartridges are replaced and ordered; contacts the repair company as necessary to assure expeditious repair
• Works with RDS Director and Assistant Director of Homefinding and Intake on special projects
• Receives outcomes of the SCR, logs information, copies the report and distributes report directly to the assigned Homefinder.
• Assists with filing foster parent documentation in the foster parent records
• Reserves appropriate space for all meetings, conferences and training.
• Notify all parties of any rescheduled Fair Hearing
• Maintain spreadsheet of all fair hearing and status
• Place a copy of the decision and compliance letter in the foster parent file
• Notify caseplanner via e-mail upon receipt of correspondence.
• Once The Foster Home Safety Checklist is received from the case planner/supervisor, it is placed in the Share Folder for review by Homefinding staff.
• The name of the foster parent, date of receipt and the sending case planner/supervisor will be entered on the Foster Home Safety Checklist Tracking grid.
• The Administrative Assistant will submit the tracking grid to the Director of Recruitment, Development and Support and the Associate Vice President of Foster Home Life on the fifth day of the month for all checklists submitted the month before.
• In the interest of Continuous Quality Improvement, helps to insure effective delivery of services for Graham children and families by conducting routine telephone surveys of foster and birth parents.
• In accordance with OCFS protocol, conducts routine credit check verifications for youth and documents in memorandum and Connections case record

Please click on link below to apply:

High School diploma or General Education Diploma required; college preferred; Experience working in Homefinding a plus; Good time management and organizational skills; Knowledge of MAPP and Mini-MAPP, knowledge of internal and external regulations and polices applicable to foster care and adoption;
Computer literate and familiar with CONNECTIONS and EVOLV; Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines; Flexibility to work evenings, extended hours as necessary; Ability to climb stairs and lift boxes not to exceed forty pounds.

Full-time position; salary commensurate with experience. Graham Windham offers eligible employees a comprehensive benefit package including medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid time off, holiday pay, retirement savings plan, and much more.


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