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Director of Mental Health Regular Full-Time


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Director of Mental Health                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Regular Full-Time


Position Overview:   

The Director of Mental Health is responsible for the direct oversight and all aspects of program services for the Art 31 OMH & SBMH clinic. The Director works in close collaboration with Graham’s Foster Care, Preventive and Behavioral Health management staff, birth parents, foster parents and external providers. They are directly responsible for the compliance of OMH/SBMH record standards and all aspects of their supervisee’s roles and responsibilities.    

 Duties and Responsibilities:  

 1. Ensures that there is continuous assessment of functioning and that treatment plans are reflective of current need and facilitates changes as needed to insure quality care and timely/responsive completion.  

 2. Partners meaningfully with service providers/foster parents/discharge resources:   

 3. Ensures that appropriate referrals are in place prior to transition from child welfare system/clinic to community.  

 4. Ensures that physical plant promotes a safe, secure, confidential provision of information sharing.   

 5.Ensures the delivery of program services in compliance with OMH/SBMH and Medicaid regulatory guidelines.   

 6. Ensures the documentation of program services in client electronic charts and program records.   

 7. Ensures immediate response to inpatient and ER admission alerts and contact to medical provider/hospitals for admission/discharge information.   

 8. Liaises with other providers to facilitate access to services and the coordination of care.   

 Reporting and Tracking:  

 1. Reviews tracking reports on new referrals, intakes, admissions, and consents for MH services, screenings, and assessments.   

 2. Performs continuous quality reviews of performance/regulatory requirements: competent and effective coordination of audits and other regulatory tasks. Conducts quality assurance audits and activities to assess the effectiveness of services delivered, to ensure member charts & documentation are in compliance and that quality services are being delivered to clients.   

 3. Manages admissions and discharges, outreach and engagement, high risk, incident reporting, assessment and case assignments. Ensures required reporting to regulatory bodies.  

 4. Ensures that there is consistent review of MH documentation.  

 5. Recommends measures to evaluate and improve the quality of program service.  

 Leadership & Staff Development:   

1. Provides regular and continuous observation and evaluation of staff’s interactions, documentation, and every day practice to ensure that staff is consistently attending to their responsibilities.

2. Ensures that there is ongoing assessment of staff skill development and schedules/monitors staff training and meetings. Provides consistent feedback on performance and supports staff in areas of needs during regularly scheduled supervision. 

3. Provides guidance and training to staff on assessment/tools and best clinical practices. 

4. Assist in the recruitment, hiring and training of new care coordinators as part of their on-boarding process. Participate in the day-to-day Clinical, Task and Administrative Supervision to Care Coordination staff by using the Kadushin Model of Supervision.    

5. Supervise and enlighten staff members around advocacy, assessment, service planning, creating linkages/referrals and ongoing documentation and monitoring of Electronic Health Records.  

6. Participates in OMH provider meetings and applicable trainings.   

7. Demonstrates visible leadership and continuously builds partnerships across all Graham branches by embodying pillars and “One Graham” philosophy.   

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  •   LMHC/LCSW/Ph.D.   
  •   A minimum of 5 years postgraduate experience and at least 5 years of supervisory experience.  


  1. Proficiency in Microsoft Office for Windows application.   
  2. Proficiency in using Mental Health Electronic Health Records   
  3. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, self-starter, ability to remain calm and composed under stress.   
  4. Ability to evaluate/interpret information and make independent judgments/decisions.   
  5. Ability to communicate with staff, families, vendors, support agencies and others.   
  6. Ability to work independently and in a multi-disciplinary team setting.   
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.     
  8. Familiarity with NYS/NYC Foster Care systems and requirements.   
  9. Experience in Pediatric/Adolescent Mental Health Clinic/ OMH Art 31/SBMH.  

 Reporting Relationship:  

 Reports to Associate Vice President, Behavioral Health Services   

Position Type:   

Full-Time. Graham Windham offers eligible employees a comprehensive benefit package including medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid time off, holiday pay, retirement savings plan, and much more.  


 NYC & Remote   

 (Willingness and ability to travel throughout the five boroughs of New York, Westchester County, and Long Island)  


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