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Sweet male guinea pig up for adoption


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Ad number:#353010777
City:Chino Hills, CA


I've made the heartbreaking decision to rehome my sweet guinea pig, Mr. Guinea Gin. 

We are located in Chino Hills, California. He is a male and we were told when we got him three or so months ago that he was about a year old. We had adopted him from petco, where a family has surrendered him there. I never thought I would ever be the owner to rehome one of my animals, and I'm crying as I type this, but it's just not fair to him. We have a house full of animals, plus a newborn, and he doesn't get anywhere near the attention that he should be. And even through that, any time we walk by his bin in the middle of the living room, he starts "wheeting" instantly and runs up to the side, sticking his head over the edge, or putting his front paws up on the edge to say hello. He is the sweetest thing ever, and it breaks my heart to rehome him but I just want what's best for him. He's a special boy and deserves the world. He's a huge cuddler too - he would much rather lay with you on the couch and enjoy a snack than roam around the house. 

I'm asking a rehoming fee of $60. I want to ensure he goes to a good home, so if you have a problem with me asking you some questions about your personal life and pet experience, please do not respond. He will come with his large bin that we keep him in if you wish to have it, his food bowl, water bowl and bottle, igloo, hay, and whatever treats and food we have left over for him. 

I can travel through riverside and San bernandino to meet you if need be, for a couple dollars for gas. Anywhere else we'd need to discuss before I could make any promises. Also, I would love if whoever ends up giving him a new home would be willing to be Facebook friends with me so i can see updates on him. 

If it does not work out and you need to find him a new home, please contact me first. I will take him back until I can figure something else out. Or if you just need someone to pet sit because you are going out of town for a week, I'll Gladys watch him for you! 

This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Please contact me via text if you are possibly interested in giving Mr. Guinea Gin a new home. My name is Jamie.

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