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am rehoming my chinchilla boys Hector and Rocko. They have always been together and get along great. Comes with complete setup. They live 15-20+ years. These guys have many many years ahead of them. They have been taken care of extremely well and will be sad to see them go. You get everything except hay. Go buy a bail it will last a while. Included: Two Full size critter nation cages 8 doors top and bottom. They are zip tied together to make a chibchilla manation. They love it. One 25lb bag oxbow chinchilla food 4 jars of dust 2 bath boxes 1 food bowl 1 watter bottol 1 hay box. This works great they will use it as a pee box so just keep adding hay. It cuts down on hay mess as well as not as much pee spots. They only dribble a little at a time. Mostly will be hard poop pellets easy to clean. 1 extra hay rack Tones of fleese blankes for bedding. Way easier and faster than the pine bedding. 1 brush. Works great to brush out the blankets while holding aginst tray. Most blankets will easly last 2 weeks. Flip blanket over after brushing out. Spot clean tray with water/viniger and lay blanket back down. Never have to spend money on bedding again 1 plastic wheel 1 Metal Chin Spin (not cheep either) it can be nousy at times thats why there is the plastic wheel. Extra water bottles,bowles and fleace sacks. Also extra treats and rose hips for vitian c. A few ever other day. Chinchillas can not get wet. They over heat easly. I would sugest no warmer than 73, High 60s is what they are kept at. If you have a dry basement then that is the perfect place. Keep in mind they are more active at night. No direct sunlight. I wouldnt take them out doors even with a penn. They are EXTREMELY QUICK if a chinchilla does not want to be caught a chinchilla will not be caught. They can aqueeze in very tight spaces because the bulk of their bodies are fur. Sorry alot of information but iv been taking care of these guys for years and just want them to go to a great home. They would not do well in a year round summer climet, otherwise they would come. Rehiming fee of $250 is firm and very fair. If you dont think so look at the price of a critter nation cage... You get 2, plus the average price of a chinchilla, and its already well over $600 just with that alone. Any questions just ask

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