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Sugar Glider Twins- Everything you need!


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Priced to sell soon, as we are moving. Prince Fluff and Dutchess Amelia are brother and sister and 2 years old. They have been handled since birth and are very tame. They cannot be separated. Amelia loves to lick and clean your hands- its the first thing she does each day. She's the brave one and the first to explore new things. Fluff is more reserved, but sweet and he is fixed. They are very spoiled and have absolutely everything needed for someone just starting out in the world of adorable sugar gliders. Also have a huge toy making kit and over a year's worth of food and treats! They eat very healthy(see below), but it is very easy to maintain the day to day. Will bundle everything or split up as priced below. I have more pictures than I can post here- If you want to see something specific please text me. 
$190- Sugar Gliders- price is total for both-they are sold together only!
$100- Large light grey cage with stand for storage
$90- Custom made- Mario Themed Cage accessories- several hammocks, Mario star toy hanger, Mario cloud toy hanger, Mario Tunnel, Mario, Pipe Sleeping pouch, extra large square Mario character hammock or 'trampoline' :),
Mario Mushroom 'house', and a three tier multihammock toy holder and matching fleece ramps/ropes.
$65-huge bundle of interchangeable toys to swap out in the cage- see pic
$40- Large lot of adorable toy making items-see pic
$65- An 18 month supply of different flavored dry pellet food. Critter Love and Pocket Pets Brand. 
$55- Bundle of large Critter Love Complete open pouch(6 month supply), plenty of treats including mango, papaya (their two favorites), apple, nuts. Also Glidamins sprinkle vitamins. Besides this I keep a fresh salad frozen in the freezer from the Critter Love Salad Recipe list. They eat very healthy. Amelia's favorite bonus treat is boiled egg and corn- Fluff's is sunflower seeds. They both love honey as a treat!
$30- Glider safe Wheel - a Must Have! See pic
$35- Castle igloo "kitchen" to eat in mess free, Pellet food dispenser, Treat container, and Glass Water Bottle with a floating duck inside to show the water level. 
$15-lot of ceramic food bowls
$25- Custom made, odor absorbent, washable cage bottom liners x2- there are 2, one for when you wash the other. These make sugar glider pets super easy to care for- no messy cage shavings that smell- these were my favorite purchase!
$12 each-Custom Glider bonding pouches, embroidered with window and carry strap-pic
There are TONS of extras that will be given free if the whole bundle is purchased together including- extra large white fleece 'cage cover', rainbow of colors of fleece material- "blankets" cut with Mario characters etc. Tiny teddy bear snuggle toys, extra toy baskets, etc. We love and spoiled our gliders and want to send them off to a good start at a new home.

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