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search has been going on for way too long, please read as it will be worth it!


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Contact:Leon Dobiesz


First of all, I love giving full body massages and giving tons of attention to the whole naked body! Hoping to find a female or two, like two friends or possibly a mother and daughter duo, that would be willing to help me out and help me clean my apartment while being totally naked like me. I never wear clothes at home, and will answer door naked as well! But there is a great bonus here! I want to have fun in the bedroom as well, before, during, and after cleaning apartment! I would give the girl or girls a totally naked full body massage to make you feel good! I love to eat ass, pussy, suck tits, kissing and French kissing! Lots of attention to the body! All pleasurable fun! I never force anything on anyone. Age, race, and body types are no concern, as they are but a number, skin color, and skin. Please feel free to write me and send some totally nude pics, so I know you are totally comfortable being naked. You can always write me and send pics to my email address which is Yes my name really is Leon! Anyone can reply, and I will respond to all the writes me and sends pis. Don't be shy and afraid at all! I will be willing to pay for the cleaning of the apartment. If you are single, or looking for a new mate, this could lead to a real relationship with a possible marriage in future! Time tells all! Please help me out here, even if it's just the bedroom fun part! I love a variety! Been trying to do this for a long time. Please reply asap and don't forget to include totally nude pics so I can see you are comfortable in your own skin! Remember, age, race, and body types don't matter! Just be breathing and don't have your pussy smell like fish! Be totally DDF, as in drug and disease free like me. Hope a female or two surprises me here and replies! I know that this is a longer ad than usual, but it will be well worth it for both or all of us! 

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