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City:Springville, NY


First, let me say I will not signup to any sites and I do not pay for sex and I do not have money to put fuel in your vehicle or pay for you to fly here or anything else if you are ok with these stipulations here is everything you need to know to accept my name and age bob and I'm 39

Hi, I'm married with kids not looking to change my situation I'm only looking for what I don't get at home discreet sex only no relationships I'm disease free you be as well also I have protection. If you put your hair in pigtails and get on your hands and knees and I will pull them as I pound you from behind if you're uncomfortable alone bring a girlfriend with you. This does not have to be a one time deal either if we both enjoy it and you are cool with just sex we can be secret FWBS as well if this sounds good find me at the Rest Area just outside Springville NY heading towards Ellicottville NY on the old 219 can't miss it big blue sign says rest area on it, today Sunday, August 1st. from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm and then again later from 7:30 pm - 8 pm  If someone is there I will pull right in front of you if you get there after I pull up right behind me then I will get out of my truck and turn and face your vehicle so you can see what I look like clear as day then I will get in my backseat and leave the door open if you like what you see get in or if you have a house you can host at ask me to follow you or if your backseat is bigger tell me to get in yours or if for some reason you don't like what you see which I doubt just leave I drive a 2016 silver/gray jeep if its more convenient you can also find me at tops markets in Ellicottville NY either in aisle 7 or by the registers doing magazines Wearing a Red And Black Muscle Shirt and a face mask with American flags and eagles on it between 6 pm-7 pm just approach me and tell me you're interested or give me a piece of paper with an address and a time to be there I will leave and come back if asked. Woman only please no perfume or anything scented I cannot come home smelling like another woman thankyou. text for more details 716-455-0024

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