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I am opening up my clinic to a select few women who are in desperate need of a real orgasm. 

First, after introductions are made, I lie you on a table in just your bra and panties on your and I slowly take 2 fingers and trace the contours of your body, avoiding the most sensitive areas but coming tantalizingly closer each time.  After a WHILE of teasing, I remove your bra and begin circling the edges of your breasts and sliding up the middle of your chest up to your neck, then going back down the middle toward your panties, only to veer off and trace the outline of your panties with my fingers, then down your thighs.  When you start to get super excited, you may want to grab my penis which is visibly hard through my pants at this point, but I slap your hand away - this is your time, not mine.  I then take your panties and pull them down, raising your legs high in the air to remove them slowly.  Now you lie there completely naked and I take my fingers and begin to stroke where your thighs meet your vulva and up into your pubic region.  If you have pubic hair (a definite plus) I tug on it.  My fingers then get closer to your most sensitve bit, which is extremely swollen by now and hungry for a touch, but do not touch it directly, instead slide 1 finger on either side of it, press in, and begin to stroke up and down beside it.  With the other hand I graze your nipples once or twice.  As you start to moan, I pull away completely and walk away for a bit and sit in a chair, watching you.  You are in such agony, your hand finds it's way down between your legs and you start to gyrate as I watch approvingly.  After a few moments, I get back up and head your way, gently moving your hand away from your sensitive area and I begin the teasing process again.  This repeats several times until you have the most explosive orgasm you've ever had.

This clinic has very few openings and I apologize I cannot get to you all.  Please send a picture of yourself and let me know if you have pubic hair (it makes it so much better).  This is only for you, I will not have sex with you and you are not allowed to touch me.

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