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68yo Man Seeks Female Friend


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Ad number:#1025474966
City:Tallahassee Area


Senior affair "not-ken" for mature "non-barbie"
Seeking a Married/Partnered friend who like myself, for whatever reason, has a Partner that NO LONGER SHOWS OR WANTS INTIMACY even though you need it.
Someone Divorced or who lives alone and misses having intimate conversation or being held with a soft, loving, embrace, but does not want a new partner or to bring drama to their current life.

> I am in the same situation! I am in a long relationship I do not want ended. Nor do I want drama brought to my current life.
But, not having intimacy, due to a medical conditions of the spouse, is causing problems in the relationship, anger and even hurt.
A feeling of neglection and loneliness. <

Solution? A DISCRETE FRIEND to meet, talk, hug, hold and even make love to.

I'm an older man who enjoys spending a day talking, taking drives, relaxing, going out for lunch or just cuddling.
I can host (with a plan to meet) in Blountstown.
Looking for a Discrete mature, woman, who, like me, needs occasional time with a friend taking a drive in the country, conversation and intimacy. An intimate friend to discuss and share problems, feeling and give and take comfort from.
Someone to meet, talk to, cuddle, feel needed, make love to, or just hold and kiss without interfering with at-home relationships of partner, spouse, family, or friends.

I am an older, overweight, slow, and Not a Ken, masculine man. I am clean, not playing around nor seeking multiple partners, or cruising for just sex.
I have ABSOLUTELY NO hang-ups on; Size, Shape, Race, Handicaps, Disabilities, etc.
Just an honest, clean, Sensual real woman.

I only Require:
1 Honesty
3 COMPLETELY DDF (not screwing around).

Serious only reply.
The host location is a safe MH at the West end of Blountstown. (I am not a resident of Blountstown and do not know many people there, but I do have access to discrete location in town)

Meet first, we sneak away, possibly to a park or other discrete location to talk first.

Om leaving this up until I find the right person.

Details: 68 years old, in (Blountstown Area)
Florida Marianna, Bristol, Blountstown, Altha, Hosford, Quincy, Greenwood, Chattahoochee, Greenwood, Chipley, Bainbridge, GA, FL, Donalsonville, Georgia.

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