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A one time, but maybe more, experiment.


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Hi, well to say the least, I'm a bit nervous about doing this so pleased read all of this before you judge me.

I am married, I have kids, and both my wife and I have some problems when it comes to sex. Our first issue is that we're both on the bigger side & we're in our 40's. The second is more medical, for her, getting off can be painful due to troubled childbirths she had. For me it's an ED issue that I have means of dealing with (due to my vasectomy).

Now we've talked and joked about having a Friends w/benefits thing, or our "secret" f-buddy off and on, but last weekend she made it a serious talk. We decided to do a one off experiment and see how we felt afterwards. No judging each or telling (to avoid any hard feelings). And there had to be rules.

So here I am to see who would be interested.

Who I'm looking for will hopefully be:

  • able to host, nothing happens at out home or follows me home. I can drive to you so long ss your within 10 miles of me, I'm in the Aloha/Beaverton OR area.
  • no string friendship, no feelings other than a need to just have fun occasionally, assuming things go beyond a one time hookup.
  • Must be biologically female, I am straight and not sexually interested in anyone who is themselves not a straight, cis gender woman.
  • have a Weekday-Daytime availability, I am free from 9am to 1pm for fun as I work evenings. I'm not available on weekends as that will be the wife's time (and is for spending time w/my kids).
  • be over the age of 30, any younger feels wrong.
  • Will hopefully be lighter than myself or my wife. I'm pushing about 295 at almost 6ft. I don't mind curvy women, or skinny no judging.
  • looks wise, I'm know what I like in women. I particularly like red heads and brunettes. I also like being with black women. I've dated a couple in the past and still remember how kinky they were compared to some of the other women I've been with.
  • A kinky side would be nice, (like watching adult movies, using toys, talking dirty) but I'm not into bdsm or similar activities, no public stuff either.
  • Be clean, I am clean (no stds) and ask the same. Grooming also is important to me, I do trim up down below if if I know I'm likely to have fun later.
  • Finally, please be a nice person. I do like a woman who knows what she wants, but is at least polite about it. Also, bonus points if you are a nerd like me.

Well if you made it this far then hopefully I'm not too off putting. Again this would start as a one time hook up to see how things go. If we have fun together then maybe more fun could be had later.


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