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I am looking for a woman who is in the mood to be orally satisfied.  I have no hangups regarding your age, weight, or marital status. Just be willing to be yourself and have a great time together. I'm really interested in licking you to as many orgasms as you can handle, but if you are interested in more, we can do that too.  My place or yours, doesn't matter, wherever you are comfortable.

When we meet, we'll sit down next to each other on the couch and have a quick "get-to-know-you" chat.  As we chat, I'll place one of my large hands on you and begin to rub you through your clothing.  I'll lean in and kiss you.  I'll continue to fondle and tease you - playing with your boobs with my extra large hands as we kiss, getting you nice and aroused.  When I know your body is ready, I'll slowly remove all your clothing except for your underwear and I'll strip to my underwear so that we're both comfortable.  I'll again lean in and kiss you.  I'll break our kiss, smile, look you in the eye and whisper, "ready?".  

Lean back in the couch and relax as I kneel down in front of you and place my large hands on your ankles, and slowly slide them up your smooth legs to your underwear. As I hold your legs in place so you can't squirm, I'll press my mouth up against the crotch of your panties and begin to lick you through your underwear, teasing you. I'll stop abruptly, and my tongue will move over and lick and kiss your inner thighs. "My, my, my! Is somebody excited about something?" I'll rhetorically ask with a mischievous smile as I press my hand into the crotch of your underwear to feel your wetness. I'll place my hands on the inside of your legs and gently part those beautiful legs of yours - now I think you're ready.

My fingers will then gently reach underneath your underwear, and I'll slowly slide your panties down your legs and off of you.

Mmmmmm...what a pretty pussy you have!  I'll begin by softly kissing your inner thighs, then licking them, and then licking my way over to your pussy.  I'll pause and gently kiss your lips and teasingly flick your clit with my tongue.  I'll then place my tongue inside of you, licking your inner walls, and then your g-spot.  I'll then continue to lick your pussy with my tongue, round and round, up and down.  Put your hands on my head and hold my head against your pussy as I lick you with passion.  I'll take your clit into my mouth and suck on it, gently nibbling.  When you've cum a few times in this position, we can go into the bedroom.  I'll ask you to get on your hands and knees on the bed.  Spread yourself nice and wide.  I'll then lick you from behind and you'll squirt from the intensity of the orgasms in this position.  Let's switch positions so that you now ride my face.

At this point, you've had so many orgasms and the floor and couch where we were playing earlier are now soaked with you and the bed where we are now is drenched with your arousal.  Your taste and smell has gotten me very, very aroused.  Should we go further?

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