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This is an attempt to organize and articulate my sexual wish list. Just in time for the holidays.

1: First and foremost, I want to fall in love with a cheating slut size queen. But you already know that.
2: Barring that I would love to find a woman to cuck me with or without the relationship part. Let's be honest, I do need it. I need a woman to take massive cocks and make me taste her after properly.
3: I would love it if a woman called me up while she was getting fucked to make me listen to what I won't have. Or if she sent me pictures or made me watch.
4: I have this recurring fantasy of a woman having sex in the same pair of panties for a week or two, and then giving them to me as a reminder of what I'll never have. In my fantasy I taste it while jerking off, knowing what I can't have.
5: I have a fantasy about a woman training me as a cuck and then passing me on once she finds the correct woman for me.
6: I have a fantasy about a woman who sets her mind to slowly turning me bi.
7: I want to talk with (god I wish I could date her to) a woman who honestly doesn't respect men with dicks as small as mine. I get so hard thinking about it.
8: I fantasize about meeting a woman and finding out that she has a problem cheating on her boyfriends. I fantasize about convincing her to date me and letting her cheat on me as much as she wants and licking her clean every single time.
9: I do sometimes fantasize about being pegged and dommed by a strong woman.
10: I wish I had a size queen to talk with about size and sex. I would pick her brain and honestly enjoy every word she said that made me feel inadequate.
11: Which of course brings to mind the fact that I want a woman to make me feel completely sexually inadequate.
12: If I can't find a woman to cuck me in some way, then I at least want a woman to have me suck her cum filled pussy. For some strange reason, Ive never been able to find such. I need it. Bad.
13: Hell. Most days I'd settle for just sucking pussy at all. Fucked or not fucked.
14: I want a woman to make me fuck her so she can show me how useless my cock is. I want her to be very verbally abusive about it, but completely and brutally honest too.
15: I like the idea of meeting a woman in public and either making out with her while she has cum in her mouth from sucking dick, or sucking her creampie in a coffee shop bathroom or something.
16: I'd like for women to message my inbox telling me that I'm small, that they wouldn't be able to feel my dick, and that they would cheat on me or dump me for my small dick.
17: I want to know what it feels like to love a woman, to really be in love with a woman, and watch her fucking my friends because my cock is too small to make her cum. And I want her telling me that, all the time. I want the woman I love to take pleasure in cheating on me, humiliating me, addicting me to sucking cum out of her pussy, and pegging me and maybe even making me suck dick for her... All because my little dick can't make her cum. I want her to love that. I want her to laugh about it while she rubs it in my face. Literally.
18: I want her to take charge of our sex life and cheat on me all the time, no matter what I do or say.
19: I want to wake up one day and find that the smells of being cheated on make me happy.
20: I fantasize that if I ever marry, if we ever have children, they won't be mine. She'll make sure of that. For fun. She'd enjoy making sure of that. Cucking me makes her happy.
21: I sometimes think that this long wait for the slut of my dreams would be easier if an experienced cuckoldress decided to start training me for fun. But, those are hard to find, and there aren't enough of them to go around. Still, a guy can dream.

That's a pretty good list for now. That's my wish list. Feel free to comment any thoughts.

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