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I provide 24/7 In-Home pet boarding with around the clock care and attention while the pet owner is away. There will always be someone home during your Pets stay. My home is pet friendly, I only crate pets if asked to do so by pet(s) owner, in which if needed I ask that the pet owner bring their own crate due to not having one. Your fur baby(s) will have full roam of my home, if they want to get on the couch or climb in the bed and take a nap, they're more then welcome to. (Of course, this is something I speak with each client about and if this is something that they do not allow at their home then I follow my clients wants and needs). I treat my clients dog(s) as if they were my own, and I try and make them feel as if they were at home and provide an at home feeling and environment during their stay, and with doing some of the steps that I do and the care I provide I have been able to reduce the separation anxiety, allowing their pet/pets to feel at home, having fun, relaxed, and content during their stay. I always tell my clients to bring their pet(s) favorite blankets, toys, beds, bedding, treats, etc. anything from home that they can have while staying at my home that will also help ease any anxiety, and also gives that extra feel of a home away from home during their stay. I do a routine daily phone call or text message (which ever is preferred), with an update as far as how their dog(s) are doing, how well they are adapting, how feeding, bedtime, walks, playtime, and their overall experience being away from home is going, and I enjoy doing this because it gives the owners a piece of mind on how their 4 legged family members are doing. Also, along with these messages I send pictures as well of activities we're partaking in :) Walks, outdoor time getting fresh air, play time, even those precious moments while they're sleeping and makes an adorable picture! I provide pet owners with my cell phone number as well as my home telephone number, that way if they want to check on how their pet(s) are doing they can reach me on either my cell or my home telephone number and have more than one way to get a hold of me at any time day or night. I have a large front and backyard which is great for potty breaks, as well as playtime. I have a few retractable leashes which are great for potty breaks or walks so your pet can have 15-20 feet to run around, go potty, or for a walk all while still being on a leash but having plenty of range to run around and also to shorten and bring the dog or dogs closer and shorter length away when needed. I live in a very quiet and respectable neighborhood which allows for me to give great short/long walks safely. I take watching my clients pets very seriously, and am dedicated to providing the best care for not only their pets while they are staying with me, but also my clients as well. I have no children, and no children whom come to my home, therefore if a clients pet or pets are not kid friendly, that is no problem at all. In the home it is my husband and myself and we do have a small dog named Lilly, she is a Maltese who is 4 years old, she is a wonderful dog who is great with other dogs big, medium, or small, she is non-aggressive, is great with kids, with people, and is just an overall love bug. If my client has a concern or does not like the fact, or is unknown about having their dog(s) around around dog who they are not familiar with, Lilly does stay to one side of the house, and if needed can stay that way during the entire time during another pet/pets stay at my home. If interaction is not a problem, then Lilly loves to make new friends! I professionally have 10 years experience in Pet Care, Pet Sitting, Pet Sitting/House Sitting, Pet Boarding and a Lifetime of experience with Pet Care, Owning, rescuing, adopting, and taking care of Dogs and Pets in general. I grew up on a 365 acre farm and my mother rescued animals of all sorts, you name it we had it! From geese, dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, chickens, horses, cows, fish, frogs, turtles, pigs, etc. and that is where my love started at a very young age for animals. Since then, I have also been a pet owner myself. I also have a background check and a list of references I would be able to provide to any of my clients.

I offer in Home Pet Sitting with around the clock care and attention. I have several years experience in Pet Care either at my home where I provide Boarding and Overnight Pet care, as well as Pet Sitting at my Clients home. I have my own vehicle, therefore getting to and from your home would be of no problem at all. I watch not only Dog(s) but other Pets as well such as Cats, Birds, Bunny/Rabbits, Fish, any Fury Pet(s) you may have. I have a very open and flexible schedule, therefore I would be able to stay at your home and with your Pet(s) around the clock. I am willing to travel out of County. I offer at home visits (and we would speak more regarding home many times, or how often you would need me to come by, as well as overnight stays at your home. I am very clean and organized, and would cleanup behind your pet leaving your home in a well kept condition for when you arrive back home. I provide walks (which would be something as well as would speak about, for you to let me know where walk your Dog(s) at, how many walks, a certain time frame, and how many per day. As far as other Pet(s) as mentioned I do watch and provide Pet Care for other pets than just Dogs, and be it a dog(s), puppy, or other type of Pet, when we speak we would go over everything from feeding, to walks, to potty breaks, to cleaning up and up keep of house and any messes made, to a schedule you may have your pet or pets on, any medication administration if needed, to collecting your mail for you at your house while you're away, and just overall everything that you're looking for and needing for a Pet Care Provider/Sitter, therefore I can provide the best care for your Pet(s) while you're away! I look forward to speaking with you soon! :)

What we would like to know about your pet before his or her stay with us:

What I like to know, and also feel as a Pet Care Provider and Sitter that I need to know is as much information about the Owners Pet(s) as possible. The more I know, the better care I can provide for their Pet(s) while they're away! If the Pet has Separation Anxiety, I can go over things with the Owner for them to bring with them such as the Pets favorite blanket, bed, toys, treats, etc. and for them to bring anything they can think of with them for their Pet to have at my home while they're here and because they are things from home it would make the Dog(s) feel with having their personal items with them, will make them feel having theser things like they are in a more at home environment. With their favorite things around them during the stay alone can help with Separation Anxiety. If the Pet is crated, that way I can figure out where the Owner typically places the Crate in their home therefore I can set it up in my home as they do in theirs, as well as when the times are that they use the crate. If the Pet(s) have any allergies, or Medical related things that if known about before, I can prepare for and set my home up to care for their Pet as they do at home and of course all depending on the said situation and care needed. Another great thing to know about a Pet or Pets before sitting him or her is the schedule the Pet(s) Owner has them on, if they're on one. That way I can keep their Pet(s) on the same schedule or routine they have them on at home while they're away, which also I have found helps the Pet experience more of a home away from home experience while they're in my care, because they're doing the same sorts of things they do on a daily basis like they do at home. If a Dog is not completely house trained, that is something that I like to know that way I can prepare my home and setup my home in case any potty incidents happen inside. If a Pet is shy, how to get a Pet to come around from being shy and what gets them out of their shell and feeling comfortable, any aggression, feeding schedule and feeding layout (if Owner has more then 1 Dog, if they feed them separately), If any special care needed I can prepare my home for that way my home is ready for their stay the moment they get here! If their Pet(s) are afraid of the vacuum, storms, does not do well going outside in the rain/snow, or refusal of going outside if the weather is bad. Anything and everything a Pet(s) Owner can tell me about a Dog before sitting him or her can allow me to provide the best care for their Pet(s) while they're away and their Pet(s) are in my care, and also help me prepare my home specially for their stay! :)

I do not have any Breed Preferences, I love all different types of dogs and do not favor one over the other. My Husband and I treat my Clients Pets as if they are our own as far as love, caring for, and their wants and needs.

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