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It's difficult to ensure that you and your dog are getting the best advice and guidance from the trainer or behaviorist you select. However that advice and guidance is essential to help you both live together without stress or conflict.

Most dog owners want a happy, well behaved dog that fits into their lifestyle with minimal work.

Training a dog who will do what you ask because he wants to, and enjoys doing so is very rewarding. The stress that comes with a dog who only responds when certain tools are involved is eliminated with our methods. You get a dog who knows, understands and will happily comply with your needs and wants and rules.

We are passionate about raising awareness of training methods and tools and how we live with, work with and raise animals, especially our dogs.

If you are looking for someone who;

• Uses kind, quick and effective methods
• Gives you up to date, scientifically proven, factual information
• Understands your dog is an individual, is intelligent and can learn without involving pain, intimidation, fear or physically forcing your dog into positions
• Can work at you and your dog's pace and with your lifestyle and in within your schedule
• Uses tools and methods that are humane with no double speak or euphemisms about the effects of those methods and tools

Common issues we can help you with

• Puppy biting, chewing, house training and jumping up even when these issues persist into adulthood
• Walking nicely on a leash
• Coming when called instantly and happily
• Curbing over excitement and frustrated greeting behavior
• Aggression or reactivity on the leash
• Fears and anxieties
• Obsessive, compulsive, phobic behavior
• Aggression guarding involved with food, toys, people or spaces
• Dog to dog aggression in the household

Group classes $100 per month of weekly lessons

• We have a variety of group classes from basic puppy to basic and advanced obedience as well as several sports
• Shy dog class
• Reactive dog class
• Service dog classes for basics, public access, nosework for medical alerts, mobility and assistance, hearing and PTSD

Private sessions with a trainer $300 per month of weekly lessons

• Tailored teaching and learning for you and your dog
• Work on and develop those areas you want to progress in or change
• Help new puppies and rescue dogs to find their feet and settle in
• Address changes in development such as becoming a teenager (around 9 to 18 months), changes in the home, routine or lifestyle
• Understand the effects the neutering, diet, exercise and lifestyle has on your dog's behavior to make informed decisions
• Work with you and your dog in a quiet calm circumstance and slowly add distractions or those events that cause your dog to act out

Functional Behavior Assessment $50

An in depth assessment, based on the same FBAs done with human children and adults, to evaluate behavioral issues, determine the cause, why it continues, and how it is kept in place by reinforcement whether internal or external to the dog. Most behavior programs are designed only to stop the outward symptoms - that which you see - and never address the underlying emotions, causes and effects.

We strive to understand why your dog is behaving in a manner you don't want, what emotions are involved and how we can change them, create a lasting change by going for the source.

All assessments require a vet check to make sure that the problems you are experiencing are not medical. If there is a medical issue we work alongside the vet to compliment any treatment program he may have.

Our prices in this ad are based on general attendance. We have other programs. Ask us.

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