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Contact:Jackson P Niles
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Hi, my name is Jackson and I own & run Freedom of Dog Training here in Salem, Oregon. Dogs are my life, love and passion. They’ve helped me grow, learn and know how to appreciate life. They are my motivation to become successful dog trainer, and they motivate me every day to help others learn and grow with their dogs. I advocate for Service Dogs and their handlers I feel like this is important to me so I can advocate for my clients, and their dogs. I also help people find resources in their state to get help if there is an issue with housing or public access, I can also talk to those people and help resolve their issues or find someone who can. There are no bad dogs just dogs that need guidance. 

Do you have a new puppy? Want to train your dog as a service dog join my 2-year Service Dog program it will teach everything your SDiT will need to learn.
 Just want basic obedience we can do that as well or do you just need advice?  I also do in person training plus vurtial training as well.


                Prices: Cash Only 

    Obedience Training - $ 400 for 6  sessions

     Puppy Training - $500 for 16 sessions.

     Behavior Modification - $900 for 16 sessions.

     2 Year Service Dog Training - $2,400 for 96 sessions. Optional Payment Plan is 4 payments of $600.


I will train you and your dog as a team to meet your goals.
 I have a passion for providing excellent service to my clients and their fur babies. My number one priority is your satisfaction. I work with you and your dog to develop a good foundation that fits the needs of your best friend.

If your a Veteran, you get a  discount. thank You for Your Service.

we can help you and your dog achieve your training goals.  All monthly payments are in advance and are non-refundable.  

Trainings are 1 hr. Extra Hour if needed per week sessions per month.

My services include a free 30 min consultation.  During your consultation we will discuss your goals and together we will come up with a training plan the fits your needs.  We will record training sessions to show your team’s progress. Your fee also includes consolations 7 days a week between 12-5 pm.

Dogs must be fully Vaccinated before training.  If you have a puppy when they are due for shots must show proof of vaccinations. I only do virtual trainings only.

I have experience training dogs for 20 plus years I have experience training Service Dogs for over 10 plus years. So, know you are in good hands.  We can discuss your task needs & preferences to decide a dog breed! Also, I train dogs in the Salem, Kiezer in Oregon only.


Under both ADA and FHA, there are no breed restrictions. If a disabled individual has an emotional support or service dog that the landlord prohibits (pitbull, rottweiler, German Shepherd, Dobermans, husky), they must still accommodate that tenant and their service dog regardless of dog breed.

I work with crate aggression and resource guarding and reactivity No Dog-on-Dog Aggression. 

Payments are due before 1st session. Contact me for more info on payments.

Please at any time you feel my services are not meeting your needs please write a formal letter to let me know how I can do better or explain why you are leaving.

                   Please Text me or visit my website
                     via Facebook and let me know your name and your dog's name and issue.

                                               Thank you 
                                           from all of us at
                                 Freedom of Dog Training Team





Past Clients

Hi, my name is Daisey I contacted Freedom of Dog Training to get started with basic obedience and some Service dog Tasks. I am glad we found Freedom of Dog Training he helps me be a better puppy and would recommend Freedom of Dog Training. Woof.


Hi, my name is Freya we contacted Freedom of Dog Training cause my mom needed help training me with basic obedience and had questions and Freedom of Dog Training did just that. I love Freedom of Dog Training. Woof.


Hi, my name is Tootsie and my mom needed help Puppy Training me as to potting, basic obedience commands and we did all that with the help of Freedom of Dog Training. thank You. Woof.


Hi, my name is Odie I am Atlas brother who very much needed a trainer to help me with my Reactivity to everything. We found Freedom of Dog Training and the trainer was very nice and taught us a lot. My trainer taught me how to be nice and calm. Me and my brother thanks Freedom of Dog Training for helping us. Woof.


Hi, my name is Atlas my mom needed some guidance for me with resource and reactivity. My mom found Freedom of Dog Training and the trainer was very nice and taught us a lot. Freedom of Dog training cares a lot about dogs and our humans he understands and is very affordable. This one reason my mom contacted this business. Thank You for helping me and my brother become well balance dogs. Woof.



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