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Ad number:#362647255
Contact:Jerry Deneke
City:Corvallis - Albany, OR
Price:free, trade



---- Read all before contact, please. All things negotiable, depending on circumstances. -----

We are Rebecca and Jerry, seeking long-term house/pet-sitting. (Long-term is 4 months to 2 years, negotiable.) We've many years experience, with references. We care-take your pets, animals and property, in exchange for rent/utilities.

Currently, we are house/animal sitting in Brownsville, Oregon. The exit date is open ended, but we will need to give notice. We prefer to be in or close to Eugene/Corvallis.

When care-taking property, pets, and animals, we do this according to your instruction, and maintain steady contact with you. We are considerate of your belongings, privacy, and will maintain your home as you left it, keep a watchful eye; your place never looks empty.

Caring for animals: We pay attention to health (cleanliness, feeding, exercise, medications, vet visits, etc.), maintaining their sense of security by keeping routines and giving them attention, affection and play (according to the animal's inclinations).

At various assignments we've also handled mail forwarding and incoming deliveries, relayed phone calls, arranged for repairs. We've had to problem solve and cope with unexpected situations.

We are discreet, conscientious, quiet, and follow through with our commitments. No drugs, alcohol or smoking, and no pets of our own. We have references.

Best way to contact is reply to this ad, or phone us (no texting), and we can go from there, home (541) 466.5121 or leave message at (541) 206.0852

Rebecca and Jerry

Sample references:
Hi Rebecca and Jerry -- many thanks!

I just wanted to get in touch and let you know how much I appreciated everything you did in taking care of the house and the dogs during the 5 months we were away. The house was/still is just beautifully clean and so comfortable to come back to. The plants all look beautiful, better than when I left. Everything is sparkling from the windows to the bathroom to the bookshelves to the kitchen. And, of course, I can see with my own eyes and have heard from every neighbor about the wonderful care you've given the dogs. Taking care of Helios during his surgery and finding a solution for Grace's lick granuloma and giving them multiple walks every day. It's going to be a challenge to keep up with your pace, but we are determined to try! This, in addition to the mail, lawn, etc.! Of course, if you need a glowing letter of recommendation or reference, please let me know. - Meredith

To Whom It May Concern;

Jerry and Rebecca house sat and cat sat for us 3 winters in a row, from October 2015 until May 2018. We would highly recommend their services to you. They have been very responsible people taking excellent care of our home and our 3 cats. They have kept us informed of their health and condition. They have dealt with some extra issues with our home (roof leak and water heater leak) and kept us informed and were very accommodating during the repairs.

They have forwarded mail the post office either couldn't or wouldn't forward, especially alerting us to important pieces of mail. And they have kept track of our voice-mail recordings for important items.

They are animal lovers. Our cats which tend to be shy especially around males warmed up to Jerry in one visit. They love animals and lovingly care for our cats. Fortunately, we had no cat emergencies, but we are confident they would handle these issues well.

My wife and I highly recommend Jerry and Rebecca as responsible house and/or caring pet sitters. If they are available, we would certainly use their services in the future.

Sincerely, Glen and Ann

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