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Ad number:#354081530
City:Pasadena, TX
Price:$35 a Night


A pet sitter you can rely on.
I take care of the pups in my home so I am alway with them. It's a cage free environments and they get to roam freely through my house. We are constantly doing things so the pups never get board. I have 5 years of experience in watching dogs. I can feed up to 3 times a day and give meds up to 3 times a day.
All dogs must be current on their vaccines. Rabies, Bordetella and distemper parvo. They must be dog friendly. They need to have a collar with a name tag and your current phone number. Also you must bring your own dog food in a zip lock bag labeled with their name on it. Each dog gets 3 walks a day, 2 visits to the dog park and all the loving care they can handle. I will also send a detail report via text or e-mail at the end of each day which includes a picture. The cost is $35 a night. Each additional dog is $25 a night. Check in and out is done before 8am or between 11am to 1pm. Special arrangements can be made if these times don't work for you.
Our daily schedule
6am to 6:30am walk around the block
6:30am to 7am relax for while
7am to 8am Breakfast
8am to 10am Go to the dog park and play fetch, hide and seek, and tag. Get them nice and tired!!!
11am Home made treats
11am to 1pm naptime
1pm to 1:30pm take a walk around the block
1:30 to 2pm cool off time
2pm to 4pm inside playtime/cuddles
4pm to 6pm Go to the dog park
6pm to 7pm we cool off and relax
7pm Dinner
8pm to 9pm we take our last walk for the day.
Then it's bed time where they can sleep in my bed, on the sofa or anywhere on the floor. The choice is theirs. I also give them a home made treat before bed time. I make them sit for every treat. I don't have a fenced in yard yet but I am working on it. When I get it I will have some water activitys in the backyard. Please feel free to text me with any questions you may have. (832-949-7534) I work with my mom so your pup will be in good hands and supervised at all times. We monitor all food intake and potty habits and will call you with any concerns we might have. We can't wait to meet you and your pup!!!! Also my house is 15 minutes away from Hobby airport.

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