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Yes, You Can Get Married in Venice, FL for $99


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Ad number:#304830808
Contact:Avis Shiveler Brangan
City:Venice, FL


Yes, you can GET MARRIED in Venice, FL for $99

Yes, you can RENEW YOUR WEDDING VOWS for $99 in Venice, FL

The fee to officiate any type of ceremony, any day of the week is $99 CASH

The fee to officiate any type of ceremony on a holiday or holiday weekend is $99 CASH

There is a $1 per mile Travel Fee (one way) to any location that does NOT have a Venice, FL address.  Yes, I will travel to Siesta Key or Sarasota or Englewood or North Port or Nokomis or Osprey or Port Charlotte.

Choice of WEDDING CEREMONIES:  Beach theme, Christian, Non-religious, Interfaith, Romantic or Spiritual

Choice of RENEWAL OF VOWS CEREMONIES:  Beach theme, Christian, Non-religious, Romantic or Spiritual

You are welcome to personalize or customize the selected ceremony with a favorite poem or passage or reading or your own vows.

Did you know that you do NOT need one or two witnesses in the State of Florida for a wedding?  Only one signature is required, the officiant's signature.  I have done many "just the two of us" ceremonies in the past and I have several "couple only" ceremonies scheduled in the future.

Seeking the perfect ceremony site?  Something grand?  Something secluded?  Something with the Gulf of Mexico in the background?  I can give you some ideas or suggestions.

Come to Venice for the day, come to Venice for the weekend, come on a holiday or come for a weddingmoon!  Venice is about 20 miles south of Sarasota

You can get "all dressed up" or you can celebrate your love in flip flops!

In the year 2020 couples from ALASKA,IL, IN, IA, MA, MI, MN, MO, OH, TX, VT, CT, FL, KS, MD, NH, PA, WA, GA, NJ and Washington, DC  plus the countries of Bogota, South America, Mexico, England, The Philippines, Poland, Australia, Brazil and Japan contacted and hired Simple Seaside Ceremonies for their wedding or renewal of wedding vows.

In the year 2021 couples from HI, MA, MI, NY, TX, IL, IN, UT, CA, IA, MO, OH, GA, MD, NJ, SC, CO, VA, NE, OR, DE, PA, FL, ME, NH, RI, WI, and Washington, DE plus the countries of El Salvador and Canada contacted and hired Simple Seaside Ceremonies for their wedding or renewal of vows.

Simple Seaside Ceremonies in Venice, FL welcomes the opportunity to help ALL of those couples who wish to say "We Do" or "We Still Do".

For more details, information or availability go to (fill out the On Line Inquiry Form) or call 941-412-4114, ask for Avis

Avis Shiveler Brangan

Ceremony Officiant / Ordained Minister available for Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Second Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies and Christenings



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