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Ad number:#346680780
Contact:Cassandra J Binkley
City:San Antonio


Have an old box of slides or negatives that you'd love to have prints of? Or digital copies to archive or want to post to Facebook? 

How about priceless photographs of your grandparents that are in dire need of repair? 

That's where I can help :) 

Prices for scanning start as low as 20 cents per photo, 30 cents for quality print resolution images. I can work with you on price for large scale bulk scans or larger scale if you want that wall-size print, as well as basic or more in-depth editing per your request. I can scan any size, 35mm to 8x10 film. I can even provide an external hard drive or flash drive for all your images or help with printing services after scanning if you're interested. Photo restoration services are based on the amount of damage to the photograph and will be handled on an individual basis. I can deal through the mail as well, if you aren't local and want quality scans of your images. 

Digital Photo Scanning Services: 

Bulk discount rate for 500+ scan orders 
Each photo scanned and repaired by hand, one photo at a time. 
Door to door tracking included in mail orders. 
Ready to print or upload to facebook 
Individual image adjustments included: 
○ Re-orientation 
○ Cropping 
○ Dust and scratch removal 
○ Color correction 
○ Red-eye removal 
Premium hand touching adjustements 
○ Levels 
○ Curves 
○ White balance 
○ Contrast 
○ Sharpening 
Standard media processing turnaround time for medium flat-rate size box is 4-6 weeks 
Expedited processing available for 10 day turnaround

Media Resolution Premium Price Bulk Price 
35mm Color Negative (per image)---------3000 dpi---------$0.35-----------$0.28 
35mm Color Slide----------------------------3000 dpi---------$0.35-----------$0.28 
35mm Negative (B&W)---------------------3000 dpi---------$0.40-----------$0.32 
35mm Slide (B&W)--------------------------3000 dpi---------$0.40-----------$0.32 
Paper Photo (up to 8x10, color or B&W)---600 dpi---------$0.35-----------$0.28 
Letters & Documents--------------------------600 dpi---------$0.35-----------$0.28 

Special Photo Media Resolution Price Per Image 
Medium Format Slides/ Negatives (color)------------3000 dpi-----------$1.15 
Medium Format Slides/ Negatives (B&W)-----------3000 dpi-----------$1.50 
Large Format Negatives - 4x5" (Color or B&W)----3000 dpi-----------$2.50 
Large Format Negatives - 8x10" (Color or B&W)--3000 dpi------------$5.00 

Other Options Price 
Files Saved in TIFF format (lossless file format)-----------------------------$0.15/scan extra 
Pro Resolution to print larger than 8x10" (film: 4000 dpi / print: 1200 dpi)--$0.10/scan extra 
Professional Photo Library (TIFF raw scan & JPEG processed image)-------$0.25/scan extra 
Portable USB Hard Drive------------------------------------------------------------$99.95 
1 Terabyte flash drive-----------------------------------------------------------------$50
Additional Photo DVD Set (per disc)--------------------------------------------$5.00/disc 
Additional Photo CD Set (per disc)---------------------------------------------$1.50/disc 
Expedited processing (10 business day turnaround)--------------------$0.12/scan extra 
4x6 photo prints in album-------------------------------------------------------$0.15/photo 
Bound photo book 

Prints up to 11x17" available upon request 

Photo Restoration price quoted per job 

A little about myself: I took a few photography classes in High School and decided to pursue it as a career early in college. Although I enjoy taking photographs, I found a love of scanning and restoring images after taking a large format class, developing and scanning my own 120 and 4x5 film. A couple years ago, I decided to continue photography part time and work a day job in a local Elementary School to pursue my other passion of working with kids. Upon my Grandfather's death, my mother and uncle sent me a couple boxes of slides and film since I was the only one in the family with the ability to scan negatives. I loved seeing ancestors I'd never met through the images, and somehow felt more a part of my family's history through the act. Over the years I'd done a bit of geneology on my family, so it was nice to put faces to names I'd found. I want to share that sense of family and sentimentality with others, and this is a great way to do it. Let me help uncover your history, or help you convert to the age of technology. I'm here to help.

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