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Do you really know what is covered by your homeowners policy?

It covers more than you know, it may cover fire, lighting, windstorm or hail, explosions, aircraft, vehicles, smoke, vandalism, theft, falling objects, rook leaks, water stains, melted sidings, cracked tiles, toilet overflows, sewer back-ups, breakage of glass, collapses and possibly more. Sometimes homeowners are afarid to file a claim for many reasons. What is the problem?

What your up against when submitting a claim....

When you submit a claim, you have to deal with insurance company adjuster who is  trained for of minimizing your damage. It is the homeowners responsibility to idenity the damage. It is not the insurance company's adjusters job to try and fix. Company adjusters minimize your damage by encouraging cost saving methods!

So what may be able to do for you!

We represent the policy holder to receive the highest claim amount possible. If you are unsure whether you're covered or say to yourself "there's not much damage, I can live with that," before living damage or paying out of pocket for repairs set an appoitment with me and my Licensed Public Adjuster.

What the catch? Whats the price?

What we need from homeowners is simple, first we set a vitrual meeting to discuss the damages if any, then we need you the homeowner to take pictures with camera, phone, or tablet of any potential damages on the home and thats it. Our company takes care of the rest, the pictures are submitted and we see if damages qualify for a claim, if qualified for a claim negoation begans, first our company gets the estimated total cost of damages for things like labor, materials, and other cost when filing a claim to ensure highest payout, then they provide you with a payout amount in which you get to decided if you accept it or not. For more details reach out to me and I will let you know some availablities for meeting.

Cost? Well technically none, we are not a sales company and do not sell product or service. What we do is work with homeowners to maximize their payouts for damages on their home and do not pay us out of pocket. We can discuss in virtual meeting how that works.

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