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Contact:Scott WN
City:Las Vegas, NV


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Sorry I no hablo español

First thing I would like to do is Thank You for visiting my ad.


I have provided great dependable routine plumbing service for homes and businesses since Sept. 1987. I enjoy what I do, and this Trade is my livelihood which I take very seriously. The projects I do is my signature, I am not a handyman, I take pride and craftsmanship as an extreme priority. This seemingly lost concept is what brings me repeat business.

I do all that at a very fair price!!


Some of the services I provide is: 

Water conditioners service and installation (Water Softeners, No Salt Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, UV Systems, and more)

Water heater services

Fixture drain stoppages 

Fixtures repair and replacements 

Garbage disposals

Faucets and valves 

Water pressure issues

Hot water recirculating pumps

And much more!!


General Info:

Do you think your water is completely safe to drink without filtration?

A few points to consider, and ones that are very scary to me are, the EPA does not consider chlorine a contaminant, and that all the EPA maximum contaminant allowables are politically negotiated figures that do not necessarily have any basis in reality. They represent a compromise between the ideal and what can practically be done by water treatment plants.


Reverse Osmosis Systems:

If your in the market for a Reverse Osmosis unit, you don't need to spend a lot to get a very good universal 5 stage unit. I can direct you to a very good unit online for around $225.00 with all American made Mur-Lok fittings. Stay away from the Branded units, because the filter replacements can cost 3-4 times more than the universal style units.


Water Softeners:

If your in the market for a new water softener, you don't need to spend a lot to get a good unit. Stay away from the Chinese made units at the home centers and department stores. I can direct you to a very good digital Fleck unit, 32,000 grain capacity non cabinet style, online for around $475.00, which is American made. Larger units available as well. Please note that water Softeners are not filters, and it's always a good idea to install a Carbon filter upstream of the softener, if it's in your budget. This will remove Chlorine and organic materials, which can shorten the life of the softener resin and control head.


I service all of Clark County and parts of Nye County.


Feel free to text or call me, my contact info is in my ad picture


Thank you for reading and have a great day!!!

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