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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a High-Speed Door in the Greater Hickory Area


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Building and planning commercial warehouses and creating necessary preparations for all the daily functions and processes your workforce is the starting point of your business.  We create choices that are directly associated with your company’s gain. 


Moreover, the sort of requirements, like your facility door or commercial doors your loading docks, should match the specifications and measurements of the vehicles and product you expect in your warehouse.


Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ Corp. the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, which has been serving the residents of Hickory area for the past 23 years recommends the below the five things to consider in choosing for your next high-speed door:   


Consideration No. 1: Functionality

First and foremost to consider is its purpose and function. Facility warehouses have several types of applications that suitably fit their priorities and needs.    

Many industrial overhead doors see very little action. they're opened within the morning, keep open all day then enclosed the evening. In facilities that run 24-hours each day, these doors could rarely be closed. Secondary doors are also used occasionally and stay closed most of the time. At the opposite extreme are doors that are perpetually being opened and shut thanks to environmental or security considerations. These doors would require a high-cycle style and motorized openers. They additionally might have to open and shut speedily.  High usage industrial doors might need serious gauge metal construction and premium moving components that may face up to the constant operation.


Consideration No. 2: Dimension or Size


This may appear obvious, however, a serious component that incorporates a very important role once it involves selecting the proper roller door is its size – the results of even minor misjudgments in size can be expensive and costly. Fast roll doors are typically custom to size, that makes it loads easier for patrons. Size is under no circumstances one thing to ignore since loads of effort (and money) may be wasted from having the wrong measurements for your door.


Consideration No. 3: Safety First


Safety is a crucial issue once selecting a warehouse door. It involves heaps over simply shopping for a door that has adequately braked if the lifting mechanism fails. Safety awareness additionally covers the training you offer to your team and safety protocols that require to be followed for industrial warehouse doors. Having a secure door additionally means having a team that is aware of door works and what to try to just in case the door’s mechanism fails.


Consideration No. 4: Cost

For some cost is the only consideration to think of, taken into account its quality and sturdiness. Usually, investments are considered on efficiency costs, maintenance costs and safety assurance costs.  

Maintenance costs involve the overall maintenance of the door, maintenance, and repairs. Efficiency costs include energy loss through poor insulation and wasted energy thru unwanted temperature fluctuation. While safety cost involves the safety training of employees and safety measures to be observed.   


Consideration No. 5: Reliability

More than its speed, a speedy roller door of quality is needed to resist the pressure from its surroundings, and from continuous gap and shutting. It required to a have seal that's tight enough to act as a barrier for airflow, and face up to the prevailing air pressures or wind.


Overhead Door Company of the Foothills can offer the best ideal doors for every situation where you can benefit and even enhance your operations for more profitability. Call now at 828-388-8700 and make a service request:


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