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MV REAL ESTATE THREATN. harass , and speak hate to employees mostly blacks 

As of 04/15/2022 I have 0 leads & have had my slack account deactivated. There has been zero form of communication from any Managers as I made them aware of this Thursday 04/14/2022. I will be taking legal action against this company as there were no sustainable grounds for termination. 

If I am in fact terminated, to what grounds have I been terminated on?


Considering it can be proven that this company has illegally breached contract of the initial job description. Upon hire(01/25/2022) all employees are held to a mandatory job expectancy of; 

Maintaining 450+ call count 

Maintaining a transfer rate of 10% (subject to change based on statistics)

Generate a maximum of 2 appointments a week. 

Since hire date, employees are now expected to generate a maximum of 7 appointments per week. 

How are appointments generated? 

After a TRANSFER SPECIALIST has completed their job in calling the home owner & explaining the HBA program in great deal, once the home owner expresses any interest in learning more about their offer amount through the HBA program, WE as transfers specialist are required and conducted to TRANSFER the interested HO over to a LICENSED AGENT who will then use THEIR marketing skills to continue to SELL & CONVINCE to the HO, FURTHER discussing details & sending over documentation, thus creating an appointment. The process of the HO receiving this documentation, reading & understanding their contract to which leads to an appointment is completely OUT OF the transfer specialist domain, we were solely hired & required to cold call HO’s, explain to anyone who picks up in great detail about the HBA program & if interested transfer over to a licensed agent, HOWEVER we are being hassled, penalized & filled with anxiety because we are told that if not withholding the new mandatory 10% appointment rate, it will be grounds for termination. Employees are being lied to & forced to believe that we have control over appointment generation when in fact that is not true. I have VIDEO PROFF of a phone call with an agent confirming that we have absolutely nothing to do with the appointment setting aspect. This is why management sent out those NEW RULES about no fraternizing with any agents what so ever. Management did not want us to know this information. 


I sent over a text I received from an agent Daniel to release a lead to him on 04/14/2022 because an over was “ assigned to my name“ & I made sure I let him know that I can not communicate with him & sent over a screenshot to Chanel of the conversation. I made it clear that we can not communicate & as of 04/14/2022 Daniel has not been terminated for reaching out so I should not be terminated on those grounds either. 



We are simply the initial ice breakers. Once a HO receives their offer & documentation and learns that they are bonded to a 40 year contract at a 6% commission rate ( we are not allowed to mention this during the first initial call ), & decide that they are no longer interested why should that effect my performance as a Transfer Specialist? It should not, however we are forced to believe it does sending us down a spiraling tunnel of depression and anxiety. 

I have had severe anxiety since employment with MV Realty, each week as I maintain my transfer rate, but not generate appointments I am under the impression that I have not maintained good performance to which as said by Christine would be grounds for termination. Causing me serious chest pain & heart palpitations, considering I am a single mom with an apartment to uphold.



Maintaining a transfer rate of 10% (subject to change based on statistics)

Upon hire, managers made it clear after a new hire employee asked via zoom training “ what if not many homeowners answer, meaning I am unable to pitch the sell, which then means I will not receive my mandatory transfers for the week, will I be terminated? “ The answer to the question from hiring manager Marcelo was “ Absolutely not, You are required to maintain a minimum of for every 10 active calls you are to generate 1 transfer, we will also review your states over all performance as well as and if the ratio is balanced you will not be penalized”.


Connecticut has a total of 4 TS, as a state collectively we have not been able to upkeep with our numbers, which is why the OPS Manager Chanel was directed to help the state daily and bring up our numbers. Before an employee is terminated for “ lack of performance “ or not meeting the required 10% transfers rate, their #of HO’s connected with to transfer ratio, as well as the state’s statistics has to be considered. I can prove that I have not been given a fair call.



I believe I am being discriminated against because as a black women I stand my ground and stick up for myself. Unfortunately due to this I will rightfully be taking legal action against this company & their operations.

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