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Over the past 25 years I successfully worked for some of the largest and well known real estate companies in the US. While I had fun helping many people to move into their dream home or sell their current residence, it was increasingly difficult for me to work with their programs. 

Every single program from those big copanies was designed with one goal : Get more $ from clients. While that is part of the business and services are provided for all those funds. In some instances I was missing the original idea : Get the most benefit for those clients!

So I drifted away from Real Estate over a period of years. Until I was contacted by Network and RP Funding. I have heard from those companies on TV a lot, but was not aware that they offer real estate services as they do. 

I read the information about how they want to help their customers and the very same day I signed up as a Brand Ambassador. 

The listing and buying programs are so good, that I simply want to get the word out to the public. 

There are thoursands of dollars to be safed when you list your property with us or when you buy your next home with us. Depending on what service you choose and what your plan is. I have a group of profesional agents and service people and attorneys and finance people right under one roof working for you. All at no extra cost. 

Check out the postet flyer below for some info on selling and buying. 

If you are in the market to list your home with the fastest growing company in the area and want to take advantage of leading selling technology. You should email me now. 

Here is how it works: 

1. Message me with contact info and what you are looking for

2. I will reply and confirm and then give the info to my office team 

3. Office will contact you and you confirm that you are interested in selling or buying

4. The present you the options you have for the transaction you desire

5. You successfully close on an transaction 

While I am here for the entire transaction. There will be specialists for every step of the way doing the work for you. 

My name is Achim Triebel. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida and a Brand Ambassador for Network. Network is a Robert Palmer company. 

You can messagte me throus this ad or you can call the phone number on my flyer in the photo to directly make contact with the office. 

If you would like a listing presentation video. We have it and after initial contact I can work with you on that as well. 

Questions? Please ask. 

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