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29 Palms Palo Verde Ave East Side of Street, Center of Town


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Ad number:#344140029
Contact:Mike Nosanov
Square ft:7200


It is always the right time to make a good decision.

It would be a good thing to own usable land in the center of any town.

This land is a part of the orderly liquidation of our family land trust - well located and worth holding for the future. And you can take advantage of the liberal, easy owner financing terms, including zero down if that's how you want to do it.

You might want this lot, located north of Joshua and south of Gorgonio, on the east side of Palo Verde Avenue. Zip 92277, Thomas Map 4892 E5. The property in a developed part of 29 Palms, but there is still ample open space for that "small town" look and feel. Within a few short blocks you will find the Civic Center, the Library and Fire Station all within walking distance. The Post Office is one block to the east. Zero down is OK.

The local Marine base provides employment stability, family surroundings for the neighborhood, and solid community values. People live in this area because they want to. The desert community is as far as you can get from the "big city rat race" and still stay in touch with civilization. Land out here will be a stable investment for your future. Still some open space around this lot so you will feel "away from it all".

This property appears to be zoned for commercial use. If that is something you were interested in, please confirm with the City that your plans will be approved.

Here are the GPS coordinates of roughly the center of the property. Use your favorite mapping system and take a look for yourself. You can zoom in to count the bunnies, or zoom out to scope the neighborhood.

34.138132, -116.052168

Size: 60 feet x 120 feet

Zoned: Residential

San Bernardino County Parcel Number: 0623-013-12-0000

Taxes: Paid and current

Payment: Personal check.

No qualifying. No credit check. No down payment.

I will carry the $6,900 zero down financing for 24 months at zero interest ($288 per month) or for 5 years at 9% interest $143 per month), your choice. Please let me know which is better for you.

Why even consider land "out in the middle of nowhere" when land right in the heart of town is available for zero down?

"Own land. It empowers you to build upon your past, provides progress for the present, and offers hope for the future."

Forgive me if I get too wordy
Regarding land on Palo Verde -
Near center of town
And for zero down,
No interest and monthly three thirty


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