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Sunfair Joshua Tree Area Sun Mesa Road 1.43 Ac A Football Field Plus


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Ad number:#344156150
Contact:Mike Nosanov
Square ft:62200


It is always the right time to make a good decision.

The Joshua Tree area is beginning to become a popular destination for all sorts of people. Why not take advantage of the liberal owner financing and get some land for yourself?

Anyone can own a piece of the rock with this 1.43-acre (62,200+ square feet) residential land on the south side of Sun Mesa Road, the second lot east of Sun View Road, in the Sunfair area of Joshua Tree. It is part of the orderly liquidation of our family land trust. It has 210 feet of frontage on Sun Mesa Road, and is 296.5 feet deep. (A football field is about one acre,) The adjacent lot, the third lot east of Sun View, is also available, double your pleasure and own them both, host the Rams, the Raiders and the Chargers games all at one time. Zero down is OK.

This is in the northeast part of Joshua Tree, a mile or so north of the now dormant Roy Williams Airport, now destined to be a solar farm. Because the surrounding nearby terrain is flat, you will have "big sky" views to the horizon. The air is clean out here, there is a good mix of working people and retirees, and there are art and antique shops for those who like the small town atmosphere. Joshua Tree National Park is ten minutes away. Shop in nearby Yucca Valley. Or just watch the occasional spring wildflowers growing, and the satellites meandering across the night sky.

Get there via 29 Palms Highway. Turn north on Sunfair Road, also known as Coyote Valley Road. (I do not guarantee you will see any coyotes.) Proceed about 2 miles north, past the airport, to Broadway. Then the next street is Sun Oro Road, slow down, and turn right (east) at the following street, Sun Mesa Road. Proceed east on Sun Mesa one block, cross Sun View Road, and stop the car. Walk 210 feet (84 steps) east past the corner of Sun View and the property is on your right. Walk another 84 steps east and you are at the other end of the first property. Another 84 steps will take you to the end of the second property. The Zip Code is 92252, and the Thomas Guide is 4890 B2.

Here are the GPS coordinates of roughly the center of the property. Use your favorite mapping system and take a look for yourself. You can zoom in to count the bunnies, or zoom out to scope the neighborhood.

34.167331, -116.241007

San Bernardino County APN: 0606-112-02-0000

Legal Description:

Lots 8 (and 9) of Tract 4699, in the County of San Bernardino, State of California, as per map
recorded in Book 61, Pages 12 and 13 of Maps, in the Office of the County Recorder of said County.

This land is valued at a very affordable $7,400 per parcel. There is no extra charge for any visiting tortoises, jackrabbits, or lizards. I will carry the zero down financing for 24 months at zero interest ($309 per month) or for 5 years at 9% interest $154 per month), your choice. Give yourself a 10% discount if you want them both. Please let me know which is better for you.

"Own land. It empowers you to build upon your past, provides progress for the present, and offers hope for the future."

This Mesa named after the Sun
A down payment equal to "none"
The terms are quite good.
The question is "Would
You rather own two or just one?"


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