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29 Palms Big 0.37-Ac Lot Two Mile Rd Easy Owner Terms


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Ad number:#344145109
Contact:Mike Nosanov
Square ft:15997


It is always the right time to make a good decision.

Take advantage of the buyer-friendly terms to own this 0.37-acre (15,997 square feet) vacant lot, located in a pleasant residential area in the northeast part of 29 Palms. It is on the north side of Two Mile Road, between the apartments at 73808 Two Mile Rd and the house at 73844 Two Mile Rd. The property is part of the orderly liquidation of our family land trust. It has a spacious 100 feet of frontage on Two Mile, and is more than 159 feet deep. Judging from their houses here, a number of other neighbors on similarly large parcels also consider this a pleasant residential area. Zero down is OK.

The second lot west, on the other side of Palo Verde Ave, is home to the 29 Palms Family Fitness Gym. You can walk there and crawl home if you lived on this property. On the other hand, because of the proximity of this commercial gym, it is conceivable that the City of 29 Palms would consider a commercial use in addition to a multi-family use. If this is something you would want to put on the property, ask them!

Within a mile you will find all the usual Civic Center destinations: Post Office, Library, City Hall, Fire Station, shopping, markets, and more. Luckie Park is less than a mile to the east, within walking distance. About two miles to the north is the Roadrunner Dunes Golf Course. Farther north is the Marine Base. Between the Marine families, and the civilian contractors working at the base, there is a vibrant financial engine helping drive the local economy.

Get there via Highway 62 to Adobe Avenue, and turn north. Proceed one mile north to Two Mile Road. (If you are only going one mile north, why is it called "Two Mile Road"? Because it is two miles from Baseline Road, the main surveying line through the area. North of Baseline are the "north Townships", and south of Baseline are the "south Townships".) Turn right on Two Mile, go one block east and stop the car on the other side of Palo Verde Trail. The lot is on your left, between the apartments on the corner and the house at 73844. The Zip Code is 92277 and the Thomas Map is 4892 E4.

Here are the GPS coordinates of roughly the center of the property. Use your favorite mapping system and take a look for yourself. You can zoom in to count the bunnies, or zoom out to scope the neighborhood..

34.150533, -116.051422

San Bernardino County APN: 0621-163-11-0000

Legal Description:

" Tract 2752 Lot 27"

This parcel is valued at $8,400. I will carry the zero down financing for 24 months at zero interest ($350 per month) or for 5 years at 9% interest ($175 per month), your choice. Please let me know which is better for you.

"Own land. It empowers you to build upon your past, provides progress for the present, and offers hope for the future."

This double sized lot on Two Mile
Would definitely be worth your while
If you built or re-sold
Down the road would be gold
Either way you would have a big smile.


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