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Listing ID:20778 Tract 68: Embrace Serenity on Blackstone Mountain's Untouched Terrain


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Ad number:#1030700878
Contact:Paul Bumgardner
City:Tulsa, OK
Square ft:1201384



Nestled in the serene beauty of the southern Kentucky mountains, Blackstone Mountain awaits, a hidden gem in Clay County. Just south of Manchester, this private and secluded sanctuary is embraced by scenic hills and hollers, a haven for turkey, deer, and elk. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is a must to traverse the steep terrain and immerse yourself in the lush forest, meandering creeks, and breathtaking vantage points, particularly appealing to avid hunters.

Unveiling an opportunity for a quieter, more relaxed lifestyle away from bustling cities, Blackstone Mountain invites you to indulge in its wildlife paradise while it lasts. Within its embrace lies the majestic Daniel Boone National Forest, an awe-inspiring expanse of over 700,000 acres, weaving rolling hills, picturesque valleys, and pristine waterways. Venture on hiking trails that lead through enchanting forests, revel in the thrill of fishing in crystal-clear streams, or savor the serenity of camping under a star-studded sky. Encounter the wonders of nature as black bears, wild turkeys, and white-tailed deer grace the landscape with their presence.

Embracing this enchanting wilderness is a collection of small towns and communities, including the county seat, Manchester. Here, you'll find the essential services and amenities needed for a comfortable life. The nearby city of London, just 30 miles to the northwest, complements the region with additional shopping and entertainment options.

Blackstone Mountain beckons to outdoor enthusiasts with its abundant natural resources, offering opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, and more. Unblemished land, unpolluted air, and a mild climate combine to create the dream of every landowner.

Tract 68, accessible via an unmaintained dirt road, presents a heavily wooded landscape adorned with majestic tall trees and a soothing stream meandering through its heart. This retreat is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, off-road vehicle aficionados, and passionate hunters seeking a true communion with nature. While the steep terrain may not accommodate construction, the freedom to utilize and cherish the property in all its splendor remains unhindered.

Now is the time to seize this golden opportunity, for Blackstone Mountain offers a slice of Kentucky's captivating beauty, with no-hassle, guaranteed financing, ensuring that this dream can become your reality. Step into this enchanting landscape, where nature's symphony awaits your presence.

Price details:
- Purchase price: $50,830
- Down payment: $1,000
- Interest rate: 9.99%
- Term: 30 years (other options avail upon request)
- Your monthly payment: $436.93
- Doc fee: $199

The zoning allows Residential/Recreational. Currently, the approximate annual property taxes calculate to less than $3 per year, per acre and are current.

This scenic property is approximately 13 miles south of Manchester, Kentucky and 30 miles southeast of London, Kentucky.

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