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4.16 Acres Newberry Springs Palo Verde/MtnView Ample Corner Property


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Ad number:#344338762
Contact:Mike Nosanov
Square ft:181209


It is always the right time to make a good decision.

Consider that the land area of our good old USA is 3.8 million square miles. Subtract 28% owned by the USA and maybe 20% owned by the states and cities, leaves about 2 million square miles. (Actually a lot less if you leave out Death Valley, swamp land, mountain peaks and flood plain areas.) The population of the USA is about 324 million - men, women, children, and geezers like me. (Wikipedia). The remaining land - the good, the bad and the ugly - averages about 4 acres per person. "Under all is the land".

About 4 acres per person. Why, that's about the size of this big parcel, part of the orderly liquidation of our family land trust, at the northeast corner of Palos Verdes Rd and Mountain View Rd; just south of the house at 34177 Mountain View, just west of the house at 45028 Palos Verdes. Out here, away from the big city, you can actually see the Milky Way at night. Open space to the west as there is a large agricultural plot, see the aerial photo. Zero down is OK.

The parcel is part of the orderly liquidation of our family land trust. You can see on the map the addresses of the houses in the area, including the house adjacent to the north at 34177 Mountain View Road, and the house immediately to the east at 45028 Palos Verdes Road.

Newberry Springs is a unique area of southern California. There is a network of underground earthquake faults, some old and some REALLY old, that block the natural flow of ground water through the underground aquifers. That makes the ground water rise closer to the surface. That's how Newberry Springs got it's name, and that how the area has a water supply to support residences, ranches and agriculture.

Newberry Springs is a well-hidden gem, an agricultural area between the I-15 and I-40 freeways. You can see from the Google Map aerial photo of the neighborhood that there are many farms and residences out here. The local fire station and school house are just to the east on Newberry Road. This is the kind of "stay in the family" property that is always in demand. The Zip Code is 92365, and the Thomas Guide is 3594 - 3684 B5.

Here are the GPS coordinates of roughly the center of the property. Use your favorite mapping system and take a look for yourself. You can zoom in to count the bunnies, or zoom out to scope the neighborhood.

34.87323, -116.679162

San Bernardino County Assessor Parcel Number: 0532-251-07-0000

Legal Description: "Tract No. 5978 Lot 23"

I will carry the $8,400 zero down financing for 24 months at zero interest ($350 per month) or for 5 years at 9% interest ($175 per month), your choice. Please let me know which is better for you.

"Own land. It empowers you to build upon your past, provides progress for the present, and offers hope for the future."

Relatively speaking, this is a lot of land for the money.

Speaking of relativity -

A local inventor named Bright
Could travel much faster than light
He set out one day
In a relative way
And returned the previous night.


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