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4.8 Acres Newberry Springs on Derwent near Ft Cady Road


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Ad number:#344339147
Contact:Mike Nosanov
Square ft:209088


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In Newberry Springs, local fruits and nuts are two of the primary commercial products grown by people. You probably will want this 4.80 acre (209,088 square feet) land parcel, located one lot west of the northwest corner of Fort Cady Road and Derwent Drive. It is part of the orderly liquidation of our family land trust. Offer is now pending for the one on the corner, but take the next one to the west. Zero down is OK.

Actually, the entire San Diego Zoo is about 99 acres, and this one parcel is just under five acres. That's a lot of land. "Give me a home, where the elephants roam. . ."

Newberry Springs is a unique area of southern California. There is a network of underground earthquake faults, some old and some REALLY old, that block the natural flow of ground water through the underground aquifers. That makes the ground water rise closer to the surface. That's how Newberry Springs got its name, and that how the area has a water supply to support residences, ranches and agriculture. How big is one acre? The "action" part of a football field is about one acre. (Makes a person appreciate all the more how much land you get with a 4.8-acre parcel!)

Get to the property via Newberry Road to Riverside Road. Go east on Riverside Road about three miles to Fort Cady Road. Turn south on Fort Cady about a quarter mile to Derwent Drive. The Zip Code is 92365, and the Thomas Map is 3594 / 3595 A7. Walk west from the corner, 289 feet (116 steps) and the property starts on your right. (The property you just walked past on your right is also available.) The property has 329 feet (132 steps) of frontage further to the west, on the north side of Derwent Drive.

Here are the GPS coordinates of roughly the center of the property. Use your favorite mapping system and take a look for yourself. You can zoom in to count the bunnies, or zoom out to scope the neighborhood.

34.906227, -116.611530

San Bernardino County Parcel Number: 0532-201-01-0000 and/or 0532-201-02-0000

Legal Description: "Tract No. 5960 Lot 50 EXCEPT 50 percent interest in mineral rights without the right of surface entry" ... which is probably just as well since there isn't anything of value there anyhow

This land is valued at $7,900, well less than five cents per square foot. Where else can you get usable agricultural land for a few crummy zinc pennies per square foot? Financing can be provided if desired. I will carry the $7,900 zero down financing for 30 months at zero interest ($264 per month) or for 5 years at 9% interest ($164 per month), your choice. Please let me know which is better for you.

"Own land. It empowers you to build upon your past, provides progress for the present, and offers hope for the future."

There's ground water here in Newberry
How nice is this land? Let's say "very"
The value is there
The terms are quite fair
The best thing is "owner will carry"


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