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Hiring Print Promos Woman Trainee, To Appear in Live Film Festivals Promoting New Netflix Movie Projects..Assisting Me at these Events, along my side with Reporters..


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Ad number:#1028436565
Phone:818 3018512
City:Beverly Hills
Compensation:79.4 k mthly


Mansion Owned M 42, See Selfie, Has Job For Very Physical Presents Promotions Gal, as "Trainee " Live-in or Out. Work in Print, Promos For Press Media, News Coverages


consider working for me and with me.  I go to allot of  live film events as  award shows, aired on networks like  People's Choice awards,  Oscars, Gloden Globes, etc-etc.  Plus I go to the  " after Parties " that I  share about funding that I do with other executives there.  I am self employed  and live in Beverly Hills.  I have an esttate,  I live alone



and  can offer free living if you need that.  I am looking for  " looks not important "..any age woman who is into appearing  on camera where there is tons of  press media..  No skills needed.  I would offer pay of  88.4   k mthly as a  allowance for you if you become apart of my work.  I do financial funding for  film companies..  I am tall, 6 feet tall as photo.  i am very skinny....  as Live-in, train for all this.  This is worth paying on salary for a woman " any ages " who is completely unattached--required.  If your not with attached to someone don't lie as a background check... Must read this all very carefully as this is a one time opening for a entry level promotions gal appearing in display advertizements all over, and appearing as your standing right up against large wall high wall murels of movie poster " openings in  Lowes, Imax, AMC, etc-etc..   U do not need any experience...just high desire to work in print.  Learn from me as I am a financial film funding investor to these studios..I am basically self employed, funding studios for their budgets in larger projects... Read carefully not skim.

will occure to have your personal stuff looked at, where U live and home residence address, whom your seeing...yes, this is all  necessary as a contract deal in this will occure. This is binding as for film studios promoting movies as you will appear in allot of  press photos where Ur  standing right nexted to  large wall high movie posters as murels all the time,  different sets, different movie film festivals, outdoor promos of film openings where allot of the actors, and lavash catering is done.  The studios pour money into these promos as why I will train the women to work in print and display advertizeing  just to appear...then walk with me in Award shows, aired over the networks...U will help me with reporters of news entertainment and be seen in national coverage for each film. If you think this is over the is..( read this very carefully )...this is as a  entertainment career...  if you think this is pulling off asking for money,  don't forget that I am paying you,  your not paying me any penny. U will keep every single penny you earn. There is no percentage ever taken by me.  I am not as a acting talent agent... I am  " using " you to perform as a woman, for live showbiz print advertizing, promotions where U may not ever get a shot at again. This pay is only a starting salary as it expands as you develope. It all fun and  " you " never leave my side...You are always along my side in every gig I appear just work for me to promote as I am also there, watching you or  talking to the news reporters while your appearing..  So thats enough stuff for now... Re--read all of this and study it very carefully... do not just skim..  do not waste your time and mine.  U have to  pursue this with 100% confidence, clear thinking and positive feelings. If I feel your not sure about any of this, and your contacting with ' such " manner as lacking such..   I will dump your response without further contact...  Email selfies of you  " holding Up a  tiny piece of paper " and send a few selfeis of you very casual as you would be around me or at home...Must be

with same tiny piece of paper-- " This is required that you send to my email as shown to submit.   If you don't do this correctly, why would I consider hiring you for???  This is to verify

why you are for one....then also to see in how creative you are in selling yourself as a promo print type for all outgoing and think about promo print work.  Very casual but no dark  outfits, only light color and tight things will help. Swimwear is good or something that shows well of your figure.  Any ages the feel that want to work.

 (  re-read and reply with a strong passion of wanting this and give me a reason that you want to try-out, attempt to do this... Must be a strong positive feeling from you.

   Emal me direct;   

send me selfies of who U  are----- required  if your still looking..   (  I get allot of  spammers sending me phoney photos of women to collect -get my info )

  I'm ronny..   I will share allot of selfies of me.. 

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