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For Rent
Space Coast

single guy early 40's seeks mature female roommate for friends possibly more


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Ad number:#935550882
Square ft:150


Furnished room for rent in my home. The home is fully remodeled. 1 full bath and 1/2 bath (no shower). I generally shower at the gym. Must be pet-friendly. May bring your own pet at no cost. I am a Professional caucasian male. I Work full time. I do all yard maintenance and pool cleaning. I will also be going back to school. Utilities are included unless major spike in costs which should not happen if you are working as well. Older persons preferred 45 and up. No drugs, weapons, or addictions. laundry room, full access to kitchen and living rooms areas. I would consider an arrangement for a reduced rent. I prefer only a larger sized & or older female for this situation. I work a lot and have a bad habit of falling asleep after work with dress shoes on. Before last GF, I never allowed anyone near my feet. She would take my shoes/socks off when I was asleep (i sleep deep), when I woke up barefoot, I fell in love with her the more she got away with it. awake I was resistant, but because she was very heavy, she pinned me down, stipped my feet bare, and locked up my shoes/socks in the safe leaving me very vulnerable, I am very clean, especially with feet.. women find them sexy, soft smooth well groomed, but extremely ticklish, I am footshy, but once I was barefoot, it felt so dam good and it took my ego down a few pegs and I was ok. Over the years dating others, I kept socks on 24/7 unless showering. Women would give up when I resisted, I found it a turn-on when a woman didn't give up and put me in my place. My good looks do not work in my favor I get hit on a lot by younger skinny "beauty types". I don't care about looks, age or weight. the bigger the more beautiful. Not that i love it. but I need a woman that will control me a bit by barefooting me, Hard to find women with a foot fetish, but I know there has to be some woman that likes to keep her man barefoot, where can I go? the sharp rocks cut my tender feet, the hot pavement burns the soles of my feet so bad, it makes me fear hell. I stopped using the snooze button when the last GF put ice on soles. If you like what you see, serious responses only. Lonely for an older chubby woman. Not gay, but some think that when young skinny blonds hit on me, I have never turned a chubby woman down, I have always been super attracted to them, no large woman is unattractive, they are all beautiful and it is my lifelong dream to be with one forever. I don't care what others say when they see a hot guy with a large woman, I will kiss and hold hands in public. Strip me naked in the bedroom, I will be yours forever!

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