For Rent
in New York City: Brooklyn
For Rent
New York City: Brooklyn

Roommate wanted to find apt. together.


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Ad number:#339534396
City:North Bergen, NJ
Square ft:N/A


Hey guys, my name is Maria but they call me Mimi. I'm a manager in Self Storage and I am 23 years old. I'm looking for a clean organized roommate that's polite and knows how to communicate politely to resolve household issues or any conflict that may come between us. I do have a small old Yorkie that does not shed and is very quiet, his name is Rocky. I like to smoke in my room out the window. I do go out a lot but I will not have a lot of people over except for my best friends Falcon and Suzie from time to time, but that's on occasion. To be honest, I won't be home a lot but I will pay rent on time and I am extremely dependable. I want to find a reliable roommate that always pays rent on time and is dedicated to making money to reassure the rent gets paid. I like having a good time but I am very considerate if you're sleeping or tired or have work or school in the morning. I cook, I clean, I smoke, I drink occasionally but I do not want any drama (like family, friends, or relationship drama). I don't care who or how many people you bring nor do I care what you do in your room, as long as if I'm sleeping, you keep it down just like I would if you was sleeping but I enjoy people and a lit scenario, I'm mad cool, down to earth, silly. Lol. I'm extremely sweet but I don't play around when it comes to respect and mutuality just the same as I plan to have my roommate's back just like I have my own back. I'm planning to move out by the end of July so I can start August fresh in my new place. If you don't mind anything I just said or a small dog and want to consider meeting with me, please reach out to me. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.

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