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IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and this just really means enjoying your favorite TV shows through the use of the internet. Sounds familiar, right? 

Indeed, popular internet streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu pretty much works the same way.

The similarity between the IPTV and streaming sites like Netflix is definitely a lot since both function as VOD (Video on Demand). 

So how does IPTV differ from these streaming sites? The simple answer to this is that IPTV usually only streams TV shows rather than series and movies. 

Since there’s really not much difference if you just enjoy your favorite TV shows on your computer than subscribe to the services of an IPTV provider, you probably are already wondering why people are still using it. Is it worth it? 

Read along to understand how it really works and why it could be worth it.

How Does IPTV Work?

IPTV providers basically deliver the video requests of its users through the internet. So it is kind of like browsing through Netflix and clicking on a show you’d like to watch. 

When using the IPTV, you get to choose or request a show that’s available, and once the provider receives your request, the show will be available for you to watch.

If you only own a TV, when you subscribe to an IPTV provider service, you get the option to either purchase their set top box (STB) or simply download an app. The downloadable app should also be purchased and of course, could only work on Smart TVs.

There are also two ways for you to enjoy IPTV: centralized and distributed. A centralized IPTV connection typically does not have a wide selection for its VoD feature. It’s found to be easy to regulate because it’s as simple as watching TV shows on TV channels through the internet.

Meanwhile, the distributed IPTV works pretty much the same as the centralized IPTV architecture. What’s only better is that this option allows a bigger bandwidth usage. 

What are the Features You Can Enjoy with the IPTV?

IPTV providers can have varying options and services for their customers. These companies usually tailor fit their services to the demands of their subscribers. The common denominator that IPTV companies have is to enable you to watch classic TV channels, but here are a few more features that you can also enjoy:

  • Pay-Per-Views – Just think of how you ask your cable providers to open a channel for a football or boxing match. IPTV can also do this. A schedule will be released ahead of time and the customers can just let the provider know when they prefer to watch the match, show, or movie.
  • Time-shifted TV –When you have the service of an IPTC provider, you basically also have a DVR. It means you can subscribe to a live broadcast and view it later. This would also allow you to rewind and pause what you’re watching.
  • VoD –We’ve established that IPTV is more about streaming TV shows and TV channels, but some IPTV providers could also allow you to watch movies or series on demand. Then again, this will really depend on your provider.

IPTV’s Popularity

It won’t be surprising if you haven’t heard about IPTV before reading this article. 

This is mainly because of the many options that the internet and technology provide to people for entertainment. However, even if you haven’t heard of IPTV, many people are actually using this.

As of now, the number of people using IPTV is more than 100 million worldwide. Europe and Asia are leading when it comes to its usage but even people in the US are actually also using this. 

The IPTV market is already known to be a billion-dollar industry and it’s still expected to go up.

What to Look for to When Choosing an IPTV Provider

If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s common to still not know what features and service could make an IPTV provider great. 

With thousands of IPTV companies, you’ll be happy to know that a lot are already competitive with what they have to offer.

What you should be looking for is the number of channels available for you to enjoy, availability of Video on Demand, stream quality, device compatibility, HD availability, worldwide channels available, and of course, good customer service.

Before you get into any subscription with a company, make sure you do your research and read reviews about them too. 

Surely, the best review could only come from actual customers and you shouldn’t have a hard time looking up reviews with the population enjoying IPTV.

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