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Ad number:#620630549
Contact:Brittany Edwards
Phone:(716) 218-9865
City:Huntsville, AL


Sales Manager An immediate opportunity for a Sales Manager is now available. This is a chance to join our market-leading Colonial Voluntary Benefits team in providing comprehensive benefits education, excellent customer service, and personal insurance products at the worksite to help America’s workers protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. Qualified candidates will have access to comprehensive sales and management training along with dependable home office support to grow his/her own business and realize the unlimited growth potential unique to the employee benefits industry and to Paul Revere as a leader in the national market. This position provides access to• Competitive production-based compensation• Lucrative recruiting, development and sales bonuses• Potential residual and renewal income opportunities for life• Incentives such as world-class travel experiences offered annually to top performers• Unparalleled training and support including classroom training, hands-on, field training and a dedicated instructor desires skills and experience:• Previous experience leading, recruiting and developing a team • Desire to lead and motivate others• Energetic, self-starter attitude• Previous sales experience preferred• Health & Life Insurance License is required but can be attained during the onboarding process learn more at is an independent contractor position which allows you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Apply now to learn more about how you can take control of your career, in partnership with Colonial Life.

Colonial Life

Why Work Here?

A solid history of integrity and growth for 75 years, highly rewarding career, exponential growth and long term rewards, Family Feel, Dynamic

Our mission is to help America's workers preserve and protect the vitally important things they work so hard to build. It' a guiding principle for how we do everything in our organization. Providing financial protection has never been more important or more challenging. It requires businesses to carefully balance budgets, resources, and increasing political requirements. Our experience has taught us how to understand the hurdles you face and help you clear them. Every function of our business, from product development, benefits education and enrollment, to customer service and our own financial management, is focused on helping protect your employees and their families. We work with thousands of businesses, helping them manage the increasing costs and complexities of benefits. Together, we can help provide your employees with the financial protection they understand and appreciate.


Huntsville, AL





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